Bump in the road

A few weeks back things started to fall apart in our apartment. The first thing was our blender, which short-circuited right before frying itself up. A few hours later the USB cable my phone charger just randomly tore. A few days after that (on a Friday, no less), our bathroom ceiling started leaking badly. As … More Bump in the road


When I first moved to Edinburgh I had prepared a list of cafes I wanted to visit. This was inspired by a research I had done online, plus the time I had spent in the city during my visits, a few months before I officially moved here. One name that appeared in almost every list … More Fortitude


Since the world has been so weird lately, and lockdown has taken such a toll on the economy and small businesses, independent coffee shops included, I feel extremely happy and optimistic whenever I learn that a new business was actually able to open up. A couple of months back a photo of a specialty coffee … More Brew’d