The concept of flower shops that are also cafes is no longer a new one, however it’s still a trendy one. Israel, if I haven’t mentioned it before, can be a little slow when it comes to picking up on trends, but once it does, it usually rocks when it comes to their execution, as … More Floral

Coffee and Books

I’ve told you before about my passion for books, and that I find the combinations of coffee shops and book stores is kinda perfect, so after introducing you to the New York option, lets talk about what Tel-Aviv has to offer. The Little Prince The Little Prince (or Hanasich Hakatan, in Hebrew) is located on … More Coffee and Books

Cozy and cool

A couple of days ago I celebrated my 31st birthday, and decided to go to a place called Joz ve Loz.  This super cozy restaurant is located on the border of Tel-Aviv and Jaffa, it has a homey atmosphere and a very homey eclectic vintage boho decor. This place recently started running with a new pretty … More Cozy and cool

Wine & Dine

 I think that in my first post about Tel-Aviv I referred to it as the city of eternal summer, and this might be a good time to explain why. While in most of the northern side of the planet the transition from summer to autumn is very much a fact by now, the weather in … More Wine & Dine


After telling you about some kiosk cafes, chic places, trendy places, vegan ones and more, I think it’s about time to share the places with the homiest most neighborly vibes, places where you feel comfortable even if you are not a regular customer, and even if you just dropped by wearing your PJs… Caffe Henrietta … More Homey

Tel A Vegan

Tel-Aviv is known as one of the most vegan friendly cities in the world, and it definitely is! There are numerous places in the city serving all vegan food, not to mention that pretty much every cafe and restaurant have at least a couple of vegan dishes. Since there are so many options, I decided … More Tel A Vegan

Bali vibes

I’m spending the last weeks of summer in Tel-Aviv. Pretty soon I’ll be moving to a country with colder climate, and I thought that I would honor this city with almost-year-round summer vibes by giving you tips to the most Bali like, beach vibes, places. It seems as though the healthy, smoothie bowls trend has … More Bali vibes