Warsaw’s cafes

In a previous post I told you about the most vegan friendly coffee shop in Warsaw, however, I did visit a few other cool place. Though maybe slightly less vegan friendly, I was able to find non-dairy milk in all the places I visited, so if you are looking for good coffee and a good … More Warsaw’s cafes

Coffee and Books

I’ve told you before about my passion for books, and that I find the combinations of coffee shops and book stores is kinda perfect, so after introducing you to the New York option, lets talk about what Tel-Aviv has to offer. The Little Prince The Little Prince (or Hanasich Hakatan, in Hebrew) is located on … More Coffee and Books

But first books

One of my favorite pass time activities is reading. I think that ever since I’ve learned how to read there’s always been a book on my bedside table. This also makes book stores one of my favorite places. I can spend hours browsing through the shelves, wandering around, looking at names of books and authors, … More But first books