The perfect açai

Smoothies bowls are one of my favorite things to eat. I love them so much that if I could, I would literally only eat smoothie bowls. And one of my favorites is açai. The first time I tasted açai was in Brazil, before it became popular worldwide. In Brazil it is often eaten without any toppings, or just some sliced fruit on top (mostly for tourists). Naturally, I was thrilled when açai started becoming a thing. However, the way it was served was often mixed with many other fruits and with a lot of plant based milk, completely changing its taste and texture. Moreover, it was still quite hard to buy açai in order to prepare it at home. Most of the products I found were açai powder, which wasn’t that good, IMO.

Recently I have discovered a UK based brand that delivers frozen açai to pretty much anywhere in the UK. This little discovery has literally changed my life. I now make myself an açai smoothie bowl at least twice a week. It’s super easy and beyond delicious. It’s obviously much cheaper this way, more accessible and I get to choose exactly how to prepare it. This lovely brand is Grow Wild Acai, so if you are based in the UK, definitely go check them out.

This is how I prepare my açai:

I blend:

  1. 2 packs of frozen açai (200g)
  2. Half a banana
  3. 2 table spoons of apple puree
  4. 50ml hazelnut milk
  5. 6 stevia drops

My favorite topping:

  1. Sliced grapes/strawberries/bananas
  2. Dried coconut flakes / shreds
  3. Raw cocoa granola
  4. Tea spoon of peanut butter (which can also be blend with the smoothies itself)

Do you like smoothie bowls too? Let me know how you take yours!


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