Snow day

Edinburgh is a truly magical city, I have said it more then once. Whenever the seasons change I feel like the current season is truly the most beautiful one, but truth be told, snow is the most flattering look for Edinburgh. I don’t know if you are the same, but for me snow days are like living in a Disney movie. I don’t know if that is because I spent my years as a toddler in snowy Colorado, only to then move to cities where it never snowed, and it had been years till my next encounter with snow. When I find myself living in a city in which snow is a possibility I start craving it at the beginning of December and keep craving till April. I am definitely and addict. As the last few days have been exceptionally snowy in Edinburgh, I had a few little strolls, and here are some snaps:

Old Town/ New Town:

Edinburgh’s Castle as seen from New Town
The cutest little houses


The famous Circus Lane
A very snowy Potted Garden

Dean Village:

When Edinburgh goes all Alsace-Lorraine
More cute little houses

Hope you enjoyed,


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