MS Coffee

I’ve spoke before about the fact that I am thrilled and amazed by the fact that new coffeeshops keep opening up even in these difficult times. As a coffee lover and an explorer, I feel like a kid in a candy shop whenever I go to visit the new local café. In these gloomy and weird times this is a pretty big thing.

About a month and a half ago Edinburgh got a great addition to its coffee scene – Modern Standard Coffee Roasters opened a store in Burntsfeild. Modern Standard coffee, or MS coffee, is also the roastery that supplies coffee to Story in London, one of London’s finest cafes, and one which was my neighborhood favorite when I spent the festive season of 2018/19 in London. This meant I was especially enthusiastic about going to pay them a visit when I learned they had a store within a walking distance from my place.

MS coffee was actually the last café I visited before Edinburgh returned to a full lockdown, which meant I got to sit in with my laptop and enjoy their spacious, bright shop. When I arrived I recognized their navy blue impressive façade and cute tiles at the entrance (and exist) from IG. The space itself is modern, decorated in a scandi-minimalistic fashion, mostly wooden and white. It’s also quite big with tables at street level as well as a second floor with a cute nook and some super cool prints.

The staff was extremely friendly and welcoming and there is free access to the Wi-Fi as well. On top of serving some seriously delicious coffee, they serve sweet treats from 101 Bakery. The vegan option they had when I was there was a blueberry crumble square, which was lovely.

Though you can’t sit in at the moment, MS coffee is still open daily for takeaway – 8am-3pm on weekdays, 8:30am-3:30pm on Saturdays and 10am-4pm on Sundays. As the shop is super close to The Meadows, it might be nice to sip your coffee while enjoying some greenery.

Till next time,


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