The coffee trilogy

I first discovered No. 33 in Stockbridge over a year ago and it quickly became one of my favorite places in Edinburgh. The coffee, provided by Williams & Johnson was great, the décor, the music, and the vegan food options. I loved the ambiance and I would take myself and my laptop over to get some school work done. I remember that at the time I talked to one of the baristas and she told me that the owner of the café had two other stores in town. For some odd reason though I really wanted to know where are these places, I never asked. I went home and Googled it and couldn’t find out. Though somewhat obsessing about it for a while, I never managed to discover where they were.

One lockdown later, when coffeeshops were starting to re-open, I was checking on updates from my favorite spots on social media, and saw that No. 33 had changed its about info, adding a handle of another affiliated business. I followed the link and found “New Town Deli“. I admit that the word “Deli” didn’t sound that appealing to me, but I quickly realized that New Town Deli was the name of two different coffeeshops in New Town, and that I have often passed near one of them, thinking it was cute and wondering what it was, while never daring to step in. I had never seen the other place, and after checking out their IG, I decided to head off to check it out.

I discovered that New Town Deli on Henderson row is an impressive space, with some deli options on top of their baked good and sandwiches (and famous flatbreads). When the weather allows there are many seating options outdoors, with a view to one of Edinburgh’s most adorable facades (see the photo above). Not long after, I checked out the Broughton street location, and found a somewhat smaller, but cozy café, with the same great coffee and treats. I also returned to No. 33 and got myself a cup of coffee which the barista kindly decorated with some coco on top, and their to die for chocolate chip blondie, which has since become one of my favorite cakes in Edinburgh.

All three places are great and offer good quality food and coffee, have seating options (at the moment, obviously this might change due to Covid restrictions), and have a friendly and helpful staff. They are, however, different in their general atmosphere, with the Henderson row location being the most family friendly one, and No. 33 having the most hipster-like specialty coffee vibe. No. 33 is open Tuesday to Sunday from 9:30am-3:30pm.

Almost happy holidays,

~ Lir

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