The Milkman

I have actually talked about “The Milkman” café in two previous posts, one of which was my Instagrammers’ guide to Edinburgh. The Milkman is an iconic coffee shop located in Old Town Edinburgh, right next to the Waverley train station and just down the road from the Royal Mile.

A few weeks ago The Milkman opened a new store, on the same street, even closer to the Royal Mile, and if I thought the first location was amazing, this is just as good as the OG, to say the least.

The original location is known for it’s super cozy interiors on top of the top notch coffee. The new Milkman store kept the coziness, but was able to produce a brighter and lighter shop. It is also a good option if the original location has no seating options (as it’s a rather small, yet popular, shop and now with Covid restrictions the number of seats is even more limited).

The Milkman offers a lovely décor with a light wooden counter with a drak brick wall behind it, black and white tiles, a window-nook, some cupboards with merchandise and a whole lot of hanging plants. There is only one barista at any given time, but the service is welcoming and friendly, coffee is delicious, and you can get some tasty sweet treats with a variety of vegan buns included!

Go say hi to the new The Milkman at 52 Cockburn street.


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