Instagrammer’s guide to Edinburgh

Edinburgh is IMO one of the most breathtaking cities in the world. It’s so easy to take a stunning photo in Edinburgh, literally everywhere you look is just beautiful. However, some spots are even nicer than others. So though I can’t cover all of the pretty places, here is a guide to my favorites Instagram locations, including more famous ones along with some hidden spots.

Old Town area:

The Vennel – The view of Edinburgh’s Castle and the staircase from this little alley is just a sorta fairytale.

Victoria Street – Harry Potter. That’s really all I have to say. Other than that its beauty speaks for itself.

Ramsay Garden – despite the name, Ramsay Garden is not actually a garden, it’s just a courtyard at the corner of the hill that leads to Edinburgh’s Castle. These iconic houses are quite popular on Instagram from many different angles, often from the front (as can be seen from New Town). I decided to share a picture I took from the actual spot, showing the cute little details that make this spot so unique.

Chessless Court – it took me forever to find this hidden jewel. Though it’s a famous Instagram location and is supposedly just off the famous Royal Mile (which it actually is), it took me week if not months to discover its exact location. as you need to step into a little backyard in order to find it. This one is for the romantics at heart.

The Milkman coffee’s façade – this a rather different one, as Edinburgh is known for it’s gothic architecture and lovely scenery and here I am, recommending to snap a picture of a coffee shop. However, I really think walking through the beautiful Cockburn street and getting a glimpse of this particular café gives you somewhat of an idea of what Edinburgh is all about. Plus, Edinburgh’s coffee scene is amazing, and this is one of the best places to grab a coffee.

New Town area:

St Cuthbert’s Graveyard – you can pretty much see the castle from anywhere in Edinburgh, but here is one of my favorite angels. Especially in autumn (and perhaps still Halloween inspired).

Ross Fountain – located at the heart of New Town’s Princess Street Gardens. You can’t miss this lovely fountain. When the lighting is good you can even get a shot of the castle behind it.

Calton Hill – unlike other hills in Edinburgh (there are 7), Calton Hill is a rather accessible climb (some stairs too) and is located pretty much at the heart of the city. And most importantly, the view is just breathtaking.

Stockbridge area:

Potted garden – this magical little house and garden is iconic on Instagram. It is quite easy to miss, just at a corner of a regular street in Stockbridge, you just know where to look (Can you tell why Stockbridge is my favorite neighborhood in Edinburgh yet?)

Circus Lane – if I haven’t convinced you just yet that Stockbridge is worth a visit, here is Circus Lane, the pretties little “mew” in Edinburgh (with the view of St. Stephen’s Church behind it).

Dean Village – though its a different neighborhood and not officially a part of Stockbridge, Dean Village is just next to Stockbridge. This is perhaps the most magical and enchanting place in Edinburgh.



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