Day trip to South Queensferry

While it is still considered part of Edinburgh’s council area, South Queensferry, or simply Queensferry is a town located west to Edinburgh. It is famous for its shore, colorful high street, and the beautiful Forth Bridge that connects it to North Queensferry.

Since I’ve moved to Edinburgh, I have been fantasizing about the day I make it to the iconic Forth Bridge. When I first saw pictures of the bridge in photos of “Edinburgh” I was quite confused, as it seemed like quite a large bridge, and yet I couldn’t spot it anywhere. I then learned it was actually in Queensferry and not really at the heart of Edinburgh. As I was quite busy with school at first, I couldn’t find the time to go there, and then Lockdown hit and postponed my trip even further. Then for my birthday I decided I had no more excuses, and made my way there.

Getting to Queensferry is about a 40-45 minute bus ride from city center. While there are a few buses headed there, we took bus number 43 from Princess street (near Waverley train station). The view was absolutely stunning, as the bus took a turn on to Queensferry Road and then into more rural areas of Scotland. 40 minutes later we found ourselves on South Queensferry’s High Street. We first went to see the harbor and Forth Bridge (which we could also see quite clearly from the bus). Though it was a cloudy day, the view was breathtaking. We walked along the pier and then along the shore. We then made our way back to High street and its colorful houses.

After pretty much covering the entire city center (which is fairly small, so circling it took about 20 minutes), we headed towards The Little Bakery. This cafe is a place I have seen numerous times on social media. It comes highly recommended, and is also considered to be quite vegan friendly. Even from afar we could see there was a queue to get into the bakery. That was when we realized it was probably a mistake not to pre-order a table. It was half past noon when we finally walked into the shop. We were told we would have to wait till 3pm to get seated. We decided not to wait, but as we were there, we took our cake to go. My partner had a cheese cake, and I chose a biscoff vegan loaf (out of 4 vegan loaf options). We then found a bench with water view and set down. Though it was quite chilly, it ended up being really nice to sit out. My partner confirmed the cheesecake was delicious and my vegan loaf was honestly perfect, extremely moist and fluffy. Definitely one of the top 5 best vegan loaves I have ever had. After finishing our little “brunch”, we headed back towards the bus station.

Though the trip ended up being shorter than we had planned, and though the situation with The Little Bakery wasn’t ideal, we ended up having a great time. Things I would plan better for next time is knowing that there is not much to do in South Queensferry, and while the trip is about an hour and a half in total, you will probably not stay there for more than 2-3 hours. The second thing I now know is that booking a table in The Little Bakery is essential if you actually want to sit in.

Enjoy your weekend!


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