Since the world has been so weird lately, and lockdown has taken such a toll on the economy and small businesses, independent coffee shops included, I feel extremely happy and optimistic whenever I learn that a new business was actually able to open up.

A couple of months back a photo of a specialty coffee in Edinburgh popped into my IG feed. At the time I was in Israel and was quite confused as to why I haven’t heard of it before. My confusion stemmed from the fact that this third wave coffee seemed to be right in the city center, and very close to a lot of places I used to visit on a regular basis. I decided to check it out and added it to my “to visit” list. As my life is now somewhat different, both in regards to my daily routine, as well as my coffee consumption (I have been drinking less coffee at cafes since places started opening up), I only got to it this weekend.

The cafe is located in old town, with a lovely view of the castle. Walking in, I found myself in a cool and quite hipster coffee bar with a big wooden counter, and urban decay chic. The space is rather small but cozy, with a bar seat facing the window, however, at the moment no indoor seats were available. As the day was sunny, a couple of tables and chairs were placed outdoors and people were sitting and having coffee and some treats.


I ordered my coffee and noticed quite a few baked goods, with a lot of vegan options, such as cardamom buns, banana loaf (and more). I haven’t tried them, but I can assure you I will be coming back for more. However, my oat latte was absolutely delicious!

I then discovered that I haven’t heard about Brew’d earlier, since it only opened up this June. The coffee is provided by “the source coffee co” company, which is a local roastery that has been open since 2019, providing ethical coffee to some of Edinburgh’s coffee shops, and is now running its own bar. The results is a lovely little spot with good vibes and good coffee! I am definitely going to pay them a visit again soon. Go try them out between Monday to Saturday from 9am-4pm (and on Sundays from 9:30am).



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