Going 100% toilet paper free

One of the strongest arguments for being vegan, IMO, is the environmental argument. While I am definitely against animal cruelty, and while I do think being vegan is also the humanitarian thing to do, it is not the main reason I choose to eat plant based food. As part of my belief, I have also been trying to be as eco-friendly and as zero waste as I can possibly be.

When Covid started I thought this was a good opportunity to become even more sustainable. It seemed as though the earth was signaling us that it needs a break, and in many ways, there were some temporary good implications provided by lockdown. On the other hand, we now have disposable face masks and gloves, which people simply throw on the ground after using, and many places have stopped using keep cups and even use paper cups for people dining in.

That’s why when my partner said he wants to try going zero waist on toilet paper, I was very much supportive. Of course I wondered why we hadn’t tried it before there was a world shortage of toilet paper, and we had to wait for 3 weeks and pay dozens of pounds for it 😉

We researched a lit bit and decided to go with a manual bidet and some microfiber wipes. We chose the simplest and smallest bidet possible, because it is easy to find a place for even in small bathrooms/toilets, and it seemed it will be easy to carry with, wherever we may go. It also requires nothing more than some water (no power outlet needed), and not even a whole lot of it. We have seen some people cutting and sewing big towels into small wipes, however, we don’t have the tools to do so, so it seemed the easiest to just buy pre-cut wipes. We bought a pack of wipes which were actually made for babies (and are 30cmX30cm). We ordered everything on Amazon UK.

When our bidet had finally arrived I started to panic and was having some serious second thoughts. It seemed disgusting and not quite hygienic. It took me a whole day of staring at it and mentally preparing before I was finally ready. The next morning I woke up and was willing to try. To my surprise, I realized that it’s extremely simple, and not messy at all. Here is how it works for me – I fill the bidet with warmish water (it’s cold in Scotland), then once clean I use the wipes to dry off. I reuse my wipe several times till it’s completely wet. Then I wash it and place it to dry on a little shelf in my bathroom (hanging over the bathtub). When the wipes dry I place them in a bag inside my laundry basket (just as a precaution, though probably unnecessary), and wash them regularly with my laundry.

It’s still quite new, and still feels a little weird, and I feel as though I haven’t yet fully transitioned, but for someone who is quite obsessed about cleaning and who is very easily disgusted, it turned out to be a pretty easy adjustment. The hardest thing for me was my pre-conceptions, but I feel happy about the fact that I was able to overcome them!


~ Lir

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