Little coffee surprises

One of my favorite things to do is explore newly opened coffee shops in my vicinity. I really try to keep myself updated on all the local new places. Since I’ve been to Edinburgh I’ve witnessed the opening of a couple of new gems, and that really made me quite happy. However, with COVId-19 and everything that has been going on in the past few months, I was by no means expecting for any new places to open up for at least a year. That’s why when I learned last week that a new place has just opened up in New Town, I was quite (pleasantly) surprised.

I set up my mind to go there as soon as I could, and I was able to get there exactly a week after they first opened. This new place is called Cactus Coffee. It’s an independent specialty coffee, serving coffee roasted in Glasgow. Apart from being cozy and cool, this place also brings on some girl power! You can tell by the decor, which is quite pinkish, but also by the lovely lady running it, who will gladly tell you that it’s also a woman roasting the lovely ethical coffee you are drinking.

Apart from coffee, you can get some sandwiches and baked goods, and as of Wednesday, 15th of July (following governments’ instructions), you will be able to sit in, and not only get your coffee to go. The place is filled with plants and has very homey vibes to it, so I am stoked about getting to sit there with my laptop and get some work done! And don’t worry, this one really stands out, though it is set in a little alley, you won’t be able to miss it once you get there.


To more nice, optimistic surprises,


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