Since all hell broke loose I was quite overwhelmed for a while, and was pretty quiet on social media and here as well. It is very weird for me to be in lockdown and in an entirely different continent, while seeing what’s going on in the States. I honestly didn’t know what to say, so I kept quite. However, today I’ve finally got inspired, and decided to share it with you.

A while back I posted about Century General Store. It’s basically a third wave coffee here in Edinburgh, and it is also a house ware and decor shop (hence the name). I fell in love with this place the first time I saw it on Instagram, and just knew I had to make my way there, though it’s not that close to where I live or near any of the places I normally go to. But when I finally made it there, it was so worth it. Besides having great ethical coffee, amazing food (now only cake) and tons of vegan options and beside being extremely visually pleasing, I was welcomed by the amazing Stevie, who runs the place. Though I didn’t get to visit Century General Store that many times, every time I’ve visited it, I felt right at home.

Recently I have discovered that they also have a very inspiring social agenda. Apart from sending care packages during the COVID-19 crisis and working to raise awareness for autism, now they are also my local inspiration when it comes to anti-racism. After visiting their IG and getting quite emotional about what I read, I decided to pay them a visit today (they are only physically open on Saturdays). The weather was horrid and I had to walk through fog and rain for 20 minutes to get there, but I really wanted to support them, and I am very glad I did. When I arrived I was served by Stevie, and had a little chat with him. Leaving the shop, I finally knew what I wanted to say.

I know people are staring to get fed up with all the anti-racism posts. People figure they have protested, blacked out their social media feed for a day / week, perhaps posted something about black lives, perhaps donated something, and now they feel like life should go back to normal (or COVID-19 normal). But this fight has barely stared, it’s not over as long as there is still discrimination, Prejudice and injustice, and we are very far from a world in which these don’t exist. Keep listening, keep educating yourself, keep checking your own beliefs (even the ones you are afraid to utter to yourself), and if you are looking for some inspiration, go visit @centurygeneralstore.



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