Takeaway coffee – COVID-19 update (2)

A couple of weeks ago I posted a list of all the places in Edinburgh that I knew were open for takeaway coffee. But as things are changing quickly in this new reality, a few more places have opened up. I have also discovered that a few more places I didn’t know of before were open. So here is an update to the update.

New town:

Soderberg – a few more locations of this iconic bakery have opened up for takeaway coffee, including the Broughton street location. Go buy some of their amazing bread and/or baked goods and grab some coffee. They also serve ice cream! Open daily from 10am-3pm.


Williams & Johnson – this amazing roastery is now doing takeaway coffee on weekends (from 10am-3pm) in their Custom Lane location over at Leith. Make sure to not miss out if you are in the neighborhood.


Twelve Triangles – though they have been serving bread and pastries pretty much since the beginning of lockdown, until recently they stopped serving coffee. However, all of that has now changed, and you can get your coffee fix at their Brunswick street location. They also sell essentials. Open daily from 8:30am-noon-ish. Their Dalry and Portobello locations are open as well!



Century General Store – one of my absolute favorite spots in Edinburgh is now open on Saturdays between 11am-3pm for takeaway coffee and cake! You can also order some care packages online and pick them up along with your coffee.



La Barantine – the lovely French inspired cafe and patisserie is now open for some sweet treats, sandwiches as well as takeaway coffee. Visit them daily from 10am-3:30 pm.  Note that their Brunsfield location is open too!

The Pastry Section – the best place in Edinburgh for cakes is once again open for coffee as well as some amazing baked goods! You can visit them between Tuesday to Saturday from 9am-2pm.


Black Medicine coffee – one of Edinburgh’s students’ favorite coffee hub is now open again for takeaway coffee! you can visit them daily between 10am-2pm to get your caffeine fix.

The Meadows:

As it is now so sunny and lovely outside, I find that there is nothing like grabbing a cup of coffee and having a little social distant picnic in one of Edinburgh’s most beautiful locations. So here are a few coffee options for you.

Soderberg – same bakery, different location, though. Soderberg the Meadows is up and running again from 11am-5pm.


Uplands Roast – the most ethical coffee in Edinburgh, straight out of a little trailer at the heart of the meadows is now open again for coffee and ice cream! Not entirely sure about their opening hours though…

Cult Espresso – another one of Edinburgh’s favorite cafes is now up and running! You can grab coffee and cake daily between 9am-3pm. I am actually quite embarrassed to say that this place has been open for three weeks now, and I only found out about it a few days ago, when I just happened to walked by. My only excuse is that they were kinda quite on social media.


Half 8 Cafe – another local specialty coffee open for you to get some takeaway coffee, tea and sweet treats. Go visit them daily from 10am-3pm. Do make sure to check their IG for off days, they update daily (and are usually open).

Stay safe,





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