Breaking point

At the beginning of this Lockdown I’ve posted about feeling quite privileged about my quarantine circumstances and about being able to cope with it quite well. Though I acknowledge that I am still privileged to have been going through Lockdown in fairly good conditions and with an amazing partner, my ability to cope with it … More Breaking point

Doors of Edinburgh

I love architecture, it’s literally one of my favorite things. I love facades and I love windows and doors. Lucky for me, Edinburgh has the most beautiful facades and doors! After a little stroll in the city today, I decided to share with you a few pictures of the loveliest doors in town. Since I’ve … More Doors of Edinburgh


Since all hell broke loose I was quite overwhelmed for a while, and was pretty quiet on social media and here as well. It is very weird for me to be in lockdown and in an entirely different continent, while seeing what’s going on in the States. I honestly didn’t know what to say, so … More Anti-Racism