Dog ate my homework

Remember when “dog ate my homework” was an excuse for not doing your homework? Well, that’s so November 2019. Since the Coronvirus crisis kids and parents have been coming up with some new, super creative excuses for why they have been missing their dance classes. Here are a couple:

  1. A mom explaining why her kid missed class: “Miss Lir, I’m sorry “H” missed class yesterday, I honestly didn’t realize it was Friday. I just can’t tell the days apart anymore”.
  2. A girl explaining why she is unable to share her video in a Zoom class: “Miss Lir, I keep getting thrown out of Zoom because all of the other people in the house are trying to watch Netflix and our WiFi can’t handle it”.
  3. A mom explaining why her girl can’t take my classes: “”R” won’t be taking this class anymore, because we simply have no wall space in the house for her to do handstands against the wall”.

My latest excuse for not being able to dance full out was that my living room wasn’t big enough for the combo I was trying to do, and I kept kicking the cupboard in one of the steps. Another one was that I was unable to find my balance in a ballet barre class, because my plastic chair was too light to support me and I kept lifting it off the floor.

I mean, legit, all in all. Wouldn’t you agree?

Take care,


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