How I started baking gluten free

I’ve never really been a baker. I started cooking sometime during my late teens, mostly copying things my mom would make. I wasn’t very creative with it, but I was able to prepare rather tasty food. Later on I moved out of my parents’ house and cooking become a thing I did out of necessity, it wasn’t a chore I was especially fond of, but I didn’t dislike it either. The only thing I did like about cooking was when I was preparing food for other people and learning that they enjoyed it. Over the years my cooking routine varied along with my lifestyle. When I was leading a very busy lifestyle I only cooked the most basic, quick things I could. When I had more time I experimented and tried out some fancier, more complicated stuff. Also, becoming vegan, meant that I had to make some adaptations to my favorite childhood recipes, and I was quite excited to find creative ways to do that. Throughout that entire time I baked very little. Baking was never necessary. When I felt like having something sweet I would just make my way to one of my favorite cafes. Whenever I moved to a different city (which happened quite a few time over the past half decay) I would draw a mental map of the city with my favorite vegan desserts, and would sit in the coffee shop of my choice, working on my laptop, enjoying the hustle and bustle and the vibrant vibes of studying/writing outside of the house.

And then Coronavirus invaded all of our lives. At first I still got my coffee and treats out, but as a takeaway, and went home to have it. But over a month ago that was no longer possible. At some point my two favorite local bakeries for vegan baked goods had closed their doors, and I could no longer buy any pastries or cakes. That’s when I started making my own. I started with the simplest things, like banana bread or carrot cake, and then started experimenting with slightly fanciers, more exciting desserts. But then came another blow. I wasn’t the only one who became a Corona baker, which made flour impossible to get. I had no other choice but buying the gluten free kind. I was quite apprehensive about that. I had no idea how to work with it. My first ever experiment was a loaf that turned out scone textured (though it tasted well). Slowly I am getting better at it, and I’m able to make my cakes rather moist and yummy. Honestly, when I tasted my last creation I was so proud of myself, as it was impossible to tell that it was a vegan, gluten free cake. This is an amazing discovery, as it is such a misconception that vegan gluten free desserts don’t taste very well. Well, that’s apparently a myth! You don’t need eggs or actual butter – flour, water and oil stick perfectly fine together! Even when the flour is gluten free flour! So in case you have any dietary restrictions, or if you are considering changing your life-style and going vegan and/or gluten free, know that it does not mean that you are condemned to dull substitutes.

20200429_20085320200502_08005520200502_080123[Gluten Free, vegan blubbery poppy seeds lemon cake]

Take care,


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