30 days of quarantine

Lockdown inventory list:

  • Baked 6 (vegan) cakes, 1 batch of (vegan) muffins and 1 batch of (vegan) cookies.
  • Based my meals on 8 different grains and legumes (11 if starches are included).
  • Took part (either teaching or taking class) in a live-streaming or a Zoom session 81 times. The most memorable session was when I was teaching a preschool class on Zoom, my computer fell off the table and crashed. When I was able to re-connect to the meeting (3 minutes later), my little girls were still doing the exercises I gave them before I disappeared. Not sure they even noticed I was gone.  
  • Crocheted 5 doilies.
  • Read one book and a half (currently reading a trilogy).
  • Reached a streak of 36 days on Duolingo.
  • Drank (only!) 54 cups of coffee.
  • Left the house 6 times for a grocery run. Visited 3 different neighborhoods in Edinburgh (New Town, Leith and Stockbridge.
  • Ordered from Amazon twice (not food). Among the items I’ve purchased were dental floss (I literally live next to the smallest Boots in the entire UK), bubbles (I keep ruining them when I pick up my hair for all the live-streams and Zoom sessions) and mascara (indeed super essential during quarantine, for all clubbing).
Hope you are all holding on!

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