Coping with Lockdown

My last two posts were a funny, slightly cynical depiction of my feelings about the whole COVID-19 lockdown, so today I decided to share my more serious thoughts on the matter. And I am gonna start by putting it out there, not without feeling guilty about it – I am actually liking lockdown quite a lot!

My life before Coronavirus was extremely hectic. I am a full-time student + I was working as a dance/yoga/Pilates teacher about 10 hours per week (in different studios, which I needed to commute to) + I was trying to stay in shape and was doing about 12-15 hours of some sort of physical activity per week. And on top of that, I am a very neurotic person. This led me to literally having no time, barely being home at all, and to constantly feeling rather anxious.

And then lockdown hit us, and everything slowed down, and oddly, I found myself thriving. I had enough time to actually work on my assignments, my courses moved to an online format. I started teaching over Zoom and Facebook, I wasn’t running around town like crazy anymore. I got to spend a lot more time with my partner. I got to talk to my friends back home over Whatsapp, as our (non-existing) timetables could now be synced. I got to take classes with teachers whose classes I haven’t been able to take in months/years, as I had been living in a different country. I was able to feel the support of the different communities I am part of. I find myself really productive and motivated most days, I get quite a lot done, and I am staying creative and active.

This is not to say that I don’t miss things or people, or some aspects of my former lifestyle. This is not to say that my income hasn’t been hit, and that I am not slightly nervous. However, I am privileged enough to still be working and get paid, and obviously my expenses are much lower. I am privileged to have moved overseas as a student, and wasn’t meaning to work much this year (and had saved money for that purpose). I am privileged to be living with a partner whose relatively high salary has remained intact. I am also privileged to have come from a family who can financially support me, if it might come to that.

This is also not to say that everybody has to feel the same way. This is a crisis, people react in different ways. People might feel lonely, overwhelmed, depressed, under motivated. All of these feelings are perfectly fine! This does not have to be a growth experiences. Staying in bed, watching TV and sleeping, are all totally legit ways to deal with this! This is just my own personal experience.


Take care!


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