Quarantine log – day 21:

* Baked 5 (vegan) cakes and 1 batch of (vegan) muffins.
* Took part (either teaching or taking class) in a live-streaming or a Zoom session 53 times.
* Had 2 crashed Zoom/live-streamed sessions (one taught and one taken).
*Finished 4/7 of my uni intensive.
* Crocheted 4 and a half doilies.
* Read one book and a sixth (it’s a trilogy).
* Killed 2 plants (by over watering. I was bored).
* Took 118 selfies.
* Left the house 4 times for a grocery run. Queued outside of Sainsbury’s twice. Still panic shopped 0 times, but bought some (needed) toilet paper and even spotted some hand-sanitizer(!).
* Talked to 2 strangers (from a distance of at least 6 feet).
* Washed my hands 679 times (approximately).
* Cleaned the house 5 times.
* Applied nail polish twice (which stayed on for 22 hours on average, due to all the hand washing, cleaning and baking).
* Refurnished my living room – lost count.
How are you holding up?

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