Quarantine log – day 10

Inventory list:

  • Baked 4 (vegan) cakes.
  • Took part (either teaching or taking class) in a live-streaming or a Zoom session 27 times.
  • Gained 5 pounds (from all the cakes).
  • Lost 5 pounds (from all the live-streaming/zooming and since I am running out supplies).
  • Crocheted 3 doilies.
  • Read one book.
  • Wrote 2 essays.
  • Left the house twice for a grocery run. Spent 50 quids in total (spent 60 minutes disinfecting the groceries I bought each time).
  • Panic shopped 0 times.
  • Washed my hand 513 times.
  • Cleaned the house 3 times.
  • Refurnished my living room 37 times (today).
  • Climbed up and down the single stair I have at home the amount of repetitions you can fit into 20 minutes.

*Feeling accomplished*


Do things that make you happy! Stay safe!


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