Social media feed and blogging

When this whole Coronavirus thing started, I felt quite overwhelmed. I read everything I could about it, anxiously anticipating for it to arrive the UK. And then it did. And then it made its way to Scotland, and not long after to Edinburgh, where I am based. I stopped posting on Instagram, it felt surreal to publish a picture of a coffee shop or a facade when there is a global pandemic and people are dying.

As things were really starting to escalate in the UK, I had a dance performances schedules. There was a lot of uncertainty, and I was reluctant to post anything that would encourage my friends to come watch me, as I felt it might put them in danger. I even refrained from inviting my partner till the very day of the show. I finally shared a post about the show, but was far from enthusiastic or inviting. After we performed I felt bad about posting photos from the event, but somehow decided to go ahead and post them.

As the UK, like many other countries, is now in lock down, we all find ourselves spending numerous hours in front of the screen. Many of us might feel anxious, depressed, suffocated even. I find that beautiful photos on Instagram actually help, they allow some sort of escapism from all this madness. So do any optimistic posts I encounter. I would imagine things would have felt different had I personally known anyone struggling for their lives or if anyone dear to me had died. However, I realize that allowing some light into our lives actually helps to persevere in these dark times.

Trying to keep my social media, and blog optimistic, so here’s a little picture from my stroll to buy groceries this morning.


Let there be light,


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