Love in the time of Corona

Six months ago today me and my partner left Tel-Aviv and embarked on a journey to Edinburgh, so that I could get my desired master at Edinburgh Uni. Little did we know that six months later we would find ourselves in a lovely city, but a foreign one, away from our families and old friends, and with an outbreak of a pandemic that would half paralyze the world.

As it turns out, my partner happened to take a yoga class with the first diagnosed case of the virus in Edinburgh. He learned that from a post of a friend on social media, who was contacted by the NHS. My partner, who isn’t registered with a GP in the UK, contacted the NHS himself, and was instructed to self-isolate. At some point the friend deleted the post from social media. I don’t know why, but I suspect that it is because it might have caused panic.

So why am I telling you all of this? If there is anything I have learned is that ignoring problems and concealing them doesn’t make them go away. Obviously this entire thing sucks, my partner is stuck at home, we can’t touch each other, I started sleeping on the couch, but(!), and it’s a big but, if he will develop symptoms (which is highly unlikely, and we really hope he won’t), we both would feel much better about taking all the necessary re-precautions. Had I been given the choice to never find out about it and not change a thing, I wouldn’t have taken it. Ignorance might be bliss at times, but in this case ignorance is more like danger, and a better saying would probably be “knowledge is power”. I feel that we should stay as informed as possible as to how this disease spreads, how we can try and help prevent it from spreading further, as well as knowing its infection course, and when and where we should be careful. What I believe to be really important is that we inform people about what is going on. Not in order to create panic, but just so that they will know what the risks are and will protect themselves. I also feel like with panic comes shame, but catching Coronavirus is in no way shameful, it might mean you just traveled and caught it on the way, it might mean that you hugged someone, or it might even just mean you touched a door knob.

Wishing us all saner times!


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