Bread and (vegan) friends

This is the post where I tell you about my favorite bakeries in Edinburgh, and when I say bakeries, I actually mean my favorite places to buy bread, as in Edinburgh a lot of bakeries are more about the sweets. However, this is not to say that these places don’t offer other treats and surprises (vegan ones as well). I will have a different post for the bakeries that do cakes and pastries.

Twelve Triangles

Though it is mainly a bakery, Twelve Triangles appears on quite a few lists of best coffee shops in Edinburgh. This is because alongside their bread, they serve pastries as well as third wave coffee from the best coffee roasters in town. Moreover, their locations have beautiful interiors and really nice vibes, which make them ideal for a little coffee break. Twelve Triangles is a small local chain with 4 locations, 3 of which are considered to be “bakeries”, while the forth is a “kitchen table”, however, all of them offer amazing breads (with a sourdough specialty), their doughnuts and other baked goods.

I’ve only been to 3 out of the four, and while all shops offer a super cozy atmosphere, the pretties location is their Brunswick street one, with the loveliest nook comprised of aqua-marine benches and chairs, white round tables, and a green hanging-plants’ wall at the back. Like in all other locations, there is a lovely display of breads and pastries at the window, which is literally art. It’s so beautiful I feel bad to actually take something from the display (but I do, anyway).

The cherry on top, when it comes to their bread, is there charcoal sourdough. It might be an aesthetic thing, or a trend, but I am in love with it, I am mesmerized by these black loafs. On top of their bread selection, you can find basically any form of yeast you might please. As for vegan option, they do offer a couple, with the most memorable one being an apricot vegan knot. There is also a vegan sandwich option, if you feel like having something savory.



This little gem of a bakery located in New Town, and is the only one on my list that has a single location. Archipelago specializes is an organic artisan bakery, using all local products and serving ethically sourced coffee. Archipelago bake a daily selection of amazing loafs (my favorite is their multi-seed bread), as well as pastries, cookies, cakes and they have a display of fresh salads, soups and more.

The front shop is adorable with a blue pastel shade. The space itself is quite minimalist and cozy, with a communal table, bar seats and a couple of normal tables, all wooden. Archipelago has an inviting feel to it, so if you ever stop by for bread, you could always sit down and have a cup of coffee with a little something sweet. They also have a Wi-Fi, if you are looking to get a little work done.

The bakery offers various vegan options, and though they change daily, there is always something for vegans! Actually, it is probably one of the most vegan friendly places in Edinburgh! Their millionaire’s shortbread, when available is to die for. They also have a delish carrot cake. Another good option for vegans who are also looking for GF treats is the sweet potato chocolate brownie. Just ask the staff what’s available, they are very friendly and helpful, and there are so many options you won’t know what to choose.

Open Monday to Saturday from 8:30am to 17:00pm.



Like Twelve Triangles, this too is a local chain of bakeries, though it has a few more locations than Twelve Triangles – one of which is in London, but Edinburgh is the home of this popular bakery. Söderberg is Scandinavian inspired, and most of their loafs have one of the Nordic countries in their name (my favorite being “Swedish Farmer”). The biggest location is the Quartermile one, and there are actually two smaller shops on the Quartermile premises. All shops have quite a minimalist look (well, Nordic, after all), with white tiles and a display of pastries at the counter, and breads at the back wall opposite the counter. The big Quartermile location actually has the pastries displayed at the center of the space, so you can help yourself and go pay at the tills. All locations offer at least a few seats, but the Quartermile one is the most recommended if you feel like sitting in, as opposed to just buying some bread. There are numerous tables, and there are bar seats facing the Meadows, for a perfect experience.

Söderberg offers rye bread, a Danish loaf, some baguettes, and more. If you are looking for other vegan options, they have a vegan chocolate energy ball with espresso and oats, which is amazing, a raw chocolate granola bar, as well as horseshoes. They also offer sandwiches, soup and salads if you aren’t into sweets. Their coffee is good as well. As they have quite a few locations, you will probably be able to find a location quite close, wherever you are, including Stockbridge, Leith, Princess street and more.


If you made it all the way, I will let you go and carb up.

Till next time,


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