Instagram-pretty cafes – Edinburgh

Door 127

Previously known as Hyde & Sons, this little piece of designers’ heaven is located in New Town, and operates as part of the Eden Locke hotel. Though it doesn’t look like much on the outside, on the inside, this is probably the most beautiful coffee shop in Edinburgh. The place is just so-so chic! With pastel aqua-marine tones, wooden floors and an eclectic, yet cohesive ensemble of tables and chairs, including wooden arm-chairs, as well as cream-colored bar-chairs, and golden tables, and quite a few plants – this place is a feast for the eyes, as well as for your Instagram account. It’s almost unbelievable it’s also a good place for third wave coffee!

The space is quite large and offer quite a few seating options, however it still manages to be quite, and thanks to a reliable Wi-Fi, this is also a good spot for free-lancers, looking to get some work done. Last time I visited 127, there was a change in management, so there was no actual food, but only snacks. I am not entirely sure if that has changed, but they did have a nice selection of cakes and pastries, including a vegan option. Go visit everyday (weekends included!) from 7am to 7pm.



Located on Leith Walk, this neighborhood coffee shop is a one of a kind in Leith’s coffee shop scene, and perhaps even in all of Edinburgh. Oqo is a rather new establishment, opening its doors a little over a year ago. With an elegant decor, including blue velvety couches, light marble tables, a fireplace, floral decoration hanging from the ceiling and a nook with a library and a jungle-printed wallpaper, this is actually a very laid back cafe, which puts itself out there as a cozy neighborly nook. Oqo is Super laptop friendly, and as it is open till 8pm on weekdays and 7pm on Weekends, there’s no rush at all. With a communal table, bar seats, nooks and some more couches, Oqo is also a good place for a social meet up.

The coffee is really delicious, and there is a nice selection of sweets, as well as of actual food, including sandwiches, soups, salads etc. The staff is kind and will make you feel right at home, but will also give you some space, if that’s what you are after. Feel free to pop by, everyday starting at 8pm. And don’t forget to take a picture.



Don’t tell Mama

You can tell by its name that this cafe is a trendy one. Located in Tollcross, the place opened its doors a little over a year ago, and is a self-proclaimed Greek-style cafe. Don’t tell Mama is a super cute space with a rather pink decor,  and is an Instagram lover’s dream. Besides the pink tones you will also find modern painted tiles, a lovely communal table with an overhead window box, that is actually a lighting fixture. There are also bar-seats facing the street, as well as some regular tables (and some more bar tables at the back of the cafe).

This too, is a very good place for lap-tops, as well as for work or social meetings. The coffee arrives in bowls, as opposed to mugs, that is… But no worries, it’s not very strong (and probably not the best thing about Don’t tell Mama, though it’s definitely not bad). You can also get pastries and cakes, Mediterranean style (there is a vegan chocolate fudge cake, as well as a rocky-road bar), as well as food. This place is worth a visit, to soak in the atmosphere and enjoy the lovely decor. Open daily from 8am-7pm.

don't tell mama[Via @DontTellMamaCoffee]

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