100% vegan coffee shops in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is a great place for vegans, and while it’s pretty easy to find vegan options almost everywhere, and the vegan restaurant selection is quite impressive, there are only a few coffee shops that are 100% vegan, so I thought I would help you find them. This is not a full list, but rather some of my favorite places.

Pumpkin Brown

Located on Grassmarket at Old Town, Pumpkin Brown is probably one of my favorite places in Edinburgh. I encountered it during my first visit to Edinburgh a year ago, as it is right next to Scotland’s national dance studio (Dance Base), and I was looking for a nice cup of coffee after class. I walked in and found a lot more than “just” coffee.

This intimate cafe offers an amazing selection of cakes (most of them raw), smoothies, some light meals such as salads, soup or quiche and fancy lattes. It has a “health” orientation to it, but I promise that their sweets are quite decadent – for instance their brownies by the Herbivore Kitchen, as well as their vegan Snickers. Oh, and on top of being 100% Vegan, it is also gluten free!

The space isn’t very big, offering a few tables and a couple more bar seats. The decor is mostly wooden, with metal chairs and hanging plants (some for sale), and some merchandise (especially sustainable ware of all sorts), and is definitely very much inline with its health-eco theme. The atmosphere is very cozy and always makes me feel right at home.

Note that there is no Wi-Fi, hence it’s not the best place for laptopers…

For some vegan deliciousness, visit Pumpkin Brown any day between 10am-6pm.

Pumpkin brown

[Via MagPas]

Chapter One

This cute little coffee shop in Haymarket  didn’t start out as all vegan, but turned into a 100% plant based cafe a few months back. Nowadays it is probably one of the best places for a vegan breakfast, with yummy porridge, a full Scottish breakfast to die for, and some vegan yeasts in the form of cinnamon buns and croissants. They also have quite a selection of cakes and cupcakes, so basically there is something for everyone.

This neighborly cafe has a super cozy vibe to it, the decor is clean and simple with a white counter and a wooden floor and tables as well as eclectic chairs. The staff is helpful and friendly, and when I first came to Edinburgh and lived in an Airbnb, this used to be my morning coffee stop, as the coffee is delicious. Furthermore, quite honestly, I love the fact that the owners were brave enough to take a risk, and change a successful business into a vegan place. So if you are ever around, I would recommend you go pay Chapter One a visit.

Open on week days from 8am-5pm and from 9am-5pm on weekends.

Chapter one

[Via @chapteronecoffeeshop]

The Black Rabbit

This little coffee shop / bakery is one of the newest vegan places in town. It is best known for its Cruffins (a hybrid of croissant and muffins, in case it wasn’t self explanatory), and other types of yeast based baked goods. However on top of these and some other “regular” vegan cakes and cupcakes, the black Rabbit also offers salads, sandwiches and other deli products.

When I arrived to Edinburgh this was one of the first places on my list. It probably had to do with the fact that I am a proud bunny owner, and could’t resist the name. The fact that it was also a 100% vegan place was just the cherry on top.When it comes to the decor, is pretty simple and straight forward. The one unique feature of the shop is that one of the windows is a very colorful floral vitrage. However, their coffee mugs have a little surprise at the bottom in the form of a bunny, which I was obviously thrilled to discover.

Everything I had at this place was delicious. With their scrambled tofu and bacon being my top picks. And probably try their cruffin too! The coffee is good, and the staff is really friendly and helpful. This is truly a neighborhood cafe, for plant-based people, with a lovely laid back experience as well as good food.

Go visit between 9am-7pm on weekdays and till 6pm on weekends.

Till next time!


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