Beetroot and well being

I kept seeing posts about a place in Edinburgh called Beetroot Sauvage on social media, and all of it seemed to be these amazing totally vegan breakfasts or cakes. When I was headed towards Edinburgh, I did a little research and found out the place was a vegan cafe. On my first weekend in Edinburgh I went to pay it a visit.

It was a little tricky to find, as you need to cross a parking lot, but eventually the signs directed me in the right place. I found a bustling large space, with a rural-colorful chic decor, many communal tables, and some other eclectic seats. The counter had a display of numerous delicious looking desserts, deli products as well as Buddha bowls.

When I looked at the menu it was absolutely impossible to choose, as everythingsounded so good. When I looked around everything also looked so good. I ended up ordering a blue Spirulina bowl, which was super tasty and had a zesty kick to it (it has various tropical fruit in it). Since then I have also had their Scottish breakfast with yummy scrambled tofu and vegan Haggis. I’ve tried the cheese board, which is to die for, their raw carrot cake, brownies and probably some other mouth watering foods I can’t think of just right now. This is definitely one of the best vegan places in town, with a variety of options, and unlike many other places, there are a lot of healthy options too.


Later on I discovered two more things about this place. The first one was that it has a big adorable back yard. It is truly enchanting, and if the weather allows, I would definitely recommend sitting outside! The second discovery was the Beetroot Wellness Centre, which is basically a yoga studio, offering a variety of classes and events (some of which are community events and are therefore free). The studio is on the upper floor, and is a big and bright space. I had the opportunity to actually teach there, and I loved the vibes a lot!

All in all, I find Beetroot a place that is about an holistic approach, it’s an ethical space, it focuses on the connection of the body and mind, and also on community, which is very much inline with some of my top values. Moreover, staff is helpful and friendly, and the place is laptop and work friendly as well.

Go visit them from Tuesday to Friday between 8:30am-5pm, or on the weekends between 10am-5pm. I honestly can’t recommend it enough!


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