Grow Urban

Grow urban is a local independent business that opened in Edinburgh about half a year ago, and if you ask me, it’s one of the nicest places in town! As the name indicates, Grow Urban is a plant shop, however, it is a coffee shop as well (yes, I love hybrids!), and it’s truly a gem. It is just overwhelmingly pretty when you step inside. The place is basically a little jungle within a shop, with lots of hanging plants and plant pot in the middle of the space. Behind the plants you will find the counter, with yet some more plants (smaller ones, as well as some cacti and succulents). Behind that counter you will also be able to find good coffee and some snacks (they normally have one vegan option).


When we moved to Edinburgh we were living in an Airbnb no too far away, and one day just wandered in (you can tell from the outside this place is beautiful, so I just had to go and have a look). As we didn’t have an apartment yet, we didn’t buy any plants, but we could definitely grab a cup of coffee. The staff was very welcoming and friendly, and the plants were just so beautiful and there was such a variety. I made a mental note to return and get some urban greenery from there once I find a permanent place, and I did.

It took us ages to choose. The staff was helpful and very patient with us, they explained the needs of each plant, made suggestions and showed us the options. After about an hour, we were able to pick 8 plants and also some plant prints. It’s been about a month since and I am craving for some more plants (7 of them have surviving and one is visibly struggling). I have visited the place one more time just for coffee, and promised to come back for more.


It should be noted that as this is a sort of boutique shop, it’s probably not the cheapest when it comes to plants. However, the coffee prices are reasonable, and the entire atmosphere of the place is extremely nice and cozy. You should definitely give Grow Urban a visit, even if you are not looking to buy and plants!

Off to water my plants,




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