Bikes and Coffee

As I’ve probably mentioned in this blog a few times, I love hybrid venues. They always make me feel like there’s purpose to the place, one the exceeds the love of coffee (which is obviously a very worthy purpose!). I also feel like often times these spaces are a great place to build a community around – unite people with a certain interest.

A new place that has opened its doors in Tel-Aviv is Cyco – Bicycles and Coffee. Located at the center of Tel-Aviv, not far from Allenby street and Rothschild boulevard, this bike-coffee hybrid is a cozy neighborly spot with nice decor, super friendly staff and vibes and really good coffee!

I visited it when I was briefly in Tel-Aviv a couple of months back, right before moving to Edinburgh. I heard about it from a friend and decided to check it out. When I walked in it was an off-peak time. The shop was basically empty besides the barista and another guy who turned out to be somehow related to the place, as he recommended I try the cake his wife made. This, obviously contributed to the feeling of friendliness and intimacy.

Other than the nice welcoming atmosphere, the place is very pleasing aesthetically, with black and white tiles, hanging plants, and of course a bicycle theme decor, which includes bikes on the wall, wheels and some other gear. The barista also took me to the back room, which is the bike workshop. It was super organized and clean and made me really want to bring my bike there (when I actually go back to living in Tel-Aviv and own a bike, that is).

After that I grabbed a cup of coffee to go, and it was really good. The place also offers some light snacks. The one thing that was kind of weird was the fact that I asked whether they had any vegan options and the barista didn’t know. He said one of the cakes was dairy and egg free, but he wasn’t sure about it. I believe it was vegan, and he just didn’t know. I decide to skip this time, and he told me he would make sure to ask and try to have vegan options. It’s quite surprising, since Tel-Aviv is very vegan friendly, and people are quite aware of veganism. Anyway, I would recommend to give this place a try, and hopefully you’ll be able to find some vegan options apart from the plant based milk.

Open from Sunday to Thursday between 9am-7pm, Fridays from 9am-3pm and closed on Saturdays.

cyco[via @cycomontefiore24]


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