Initially, I didn’t mean to write about vegan restaurants in Warsaw at all. I thought there were quite a lot of them, and that you can look them up quite easily. However, after returning to Warsaw for the second time, I went to Vegemiasto, and as I liked it so much, I changed my mind, and decided to tell you all about it. So here is one last recommendation from Warsaw, before I move forward to some other places I’ve been and discoveries I’ve had.

Warsaw is super vegan friendly, there’s no doubt about it. There are Sushi places, burger and other fast food vegan joints, but the most interesting concept to me was traditional Polish vegan food. As my family originated from Poland, I grew up eating Polish food. Polish food, is normally based on a lot of meat. However, when I became a vegetarian my grandma started adapting her recipes and cooked vegetarian (and often vegan) versions of Polish food. When my grandma passed away, no one knew how to make the foods she used to. My mom was able to copy a couple of recipes, but most of them were lost. This might be part of the reason that having vegan versions of the traditional Polish dishes is so appealing to me. However, as a disclaimer, I did try other Polish vegan restaurants in Warsaw, and Vegemiasto is the only one I feel enthusiastic to write about.

The space itself is located not far from the Old Town Square, at the side of a highway. The nicer seats are outdoors, if the weather allows. When we visited Vegemiasto it was lunch time and there were no seats at all! We actually had to wait for a table. It wasn’t too bad though, and only took 5-10 minutes till we could sit. Though the place might not be the cutest aesthetically, the food is totally worth it!

We were two people and ordered 2 main dishes and a salad, which we shared:

1) Pierogi (or dumplings) with cabbage and mushroom. The dish comes with fried onions and a small salad on top. The reason we chose these dumplings is that out of all of their options, this seemed the most traditional and closest to its origins, it would have been a vegetarian dish do begin with, and didn’t require a meat substitution. The dumplings were made perfectly, and just melted in your mouth, and the tastes were balanced and interesting, with a combination of some sourness, sweetness and saltiness.

2) Spinach crepe with stuffed ricotta. This dish reminded me of the “Blintzes” my grandma used to make. The spinach is in the dough itself, and every bite of the crepe is just so creamy and rich! This was definitely the best dish IMO! It appears on the menu as Green Heaven, and it’s a must try! It feels like such a guilty pleasure, but is actually a combination of tofu and nuts.

3) “Beet in Green” salad – which is lettuce, beetroot, pear and cashew cheese. The salad was good, but it was mainly a leafy salad, so it is more of a side dish then a main course, but still a nice addition to our meal.

As Vegemiasto is known for it’s vegan cakes, we were very excited about getting a cake. Everything looked so good that we couldn’t decided. We ended up choosing a mango cheesecake, and I have to admit we were quite disappointed. Somehow it was slightly dry and not creamy and moist as it looked. The topping had a gelatin-like texture to it, and tasted a little artificial. I did leave wondering if we might have just made a bad choice, and picked the wrong cake, as there were so many of them and they really did look great. Though the end of our experience was less than amazing (it was definitely not bad), I would still highly recommend Vegemiasto!




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