Warsaw’s cafes

In a previous post I told you about the most vegan friendly coffee shop in Warsaw, however, I did visit a few other cool place. Though maybe slightly less vegan friendly, I was able to find non-dairy milk in all the places I visited, so if you are looking for good coffee and a good ambiance, here are a few more places for you to try.


Or as the coffee shop’s window states “Labour Cafe, Deli & Co-working”, is a super cozy gem a block away from Nowy Swiat. It is the perfect place for coffee and lap-topping. The coffee is delicious, the space itself is a mixture of industrial meets rural, with wooden floors, a brick wall behind the counter, Persian rugs and plants and then some more modern-industrial looking features. You can order at the bar and then go have a seat. The space is big with two stories and then some outdoor seats as well, when the weather allows. There are communal tables, nooks, high chairs and more. The staff is friendly and welcoming, the couches are comfi, the decor instagramable, plus you can stay and work using the place’s reliable wi-fi. And hey if you are not vegan, their cakes look AMAZING!

Go get some coffee between Monday to Friday, from 9am-8pm, and on Saturdays between 10am-6pm.


[Via https://bylight.pl/en/content/37-labour-cafe%5D


Not too far from the old town square you will find this beautiful coffee shop that offers great coffee and a lot of ambiance. When you enter forum you will encounter a big wooden bar, where you can place your order. The entire place has a very hipster and chic decor to it, with dusty pink shades (including the marble tables), wooden floors, industrial pipes, hanging plants and some eclectic vintage furniture. At first glance it might seem like this is a rather small space, however, if you keep walking, you will notice another room, where you will find a red velvety couch, and some more spacious seating options.

When I visited Forum they had installed an ice-cream coffee machine (with sort of Sunday coffee ice cream), and though I couldn’t try it, as it was not vegan, it seemed to be quite popular. Many people sitting next to me ordered it. It seemed to be a summer addition, so I don’t know if they kept it. However, I really enjoyed my “normal” latte with plant based milk. I also enjoyed just sitting and soaking in the place’s atmosphere. Forum is definitely a perfect place for an intimate hangout, or for a work meeting.

Open Monday to Friday between 7:30am-7pm, Saturdays between 9am-7pm and Sundays between 10am-6pm.


[Via @forumcoffee]

Wrzenie Swiata

I have mentioned before my love for books, as well as my love for hybrid cafes, and especially for bookstores that are cafes as well. If you haven’t guess yet, Wrzenie Swiata is one of those. Located in a quite residential street, not far from the bustling Nowy Swiat, you will find this book-cafe. This is a big space with a large outdoor seating area (with very nice garden vibes, when the weather allows), as well as indoor tables. All you need to do is peek inside, and you will see numerous book shelf, covered with numerous books. After you enter you will have to take a right and enter another space, in which you will find the bar. I hat an oat milk latte, which was really good. Wrzenie Swiata also serves food and on weekends there is a breakfast buffet. It is said to be good, however, I haven’t tried it for myself (and there are limited vegan options).

Wrzenie Swiata also has readings (if you happen to speak Polish) and hosts other performing artists, such as musicians. When you visit you can feel that this is more than a “just” coffee shop, and even more than a bookstore, it is a community oriented space. Oh, and they also serve alcohol as well.

Recommended for book and coffee lovers – on weekdays between 9am-10pm and on weekends between 10am-10pm.

Till next time!


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