Moving to Edinburgh

I normally don’t share a lot of personal stuff on this blog, but while trying to write a post of recommended cafes in Warsaw, I just couldn’t. My life has changed so much recently that it didn’t seem as relevant to me. Instead, I decided to share a post on a more personal note before I go back to reviewing coffee shops.

So as it turns out, I moved to Edinburgh a couple of weeks ago. I moved here in order to get my Masters in Dance Education. The move was both easier and harder than I expected it to be.

The hard part was the ridicules amount of bureaucracy it takes to move to a different country. Nothing worked properly – my student card wasn’t ready, I had a technical problem and couldn’t log into my uni’s profile, I couldn’t open a bank account before I found a permanent place and that took time. All of that was time consuming and tiring. On the most part, I couldn’t get anything the first time I attempted it, and had to go back and forth. It was also hard because of the school load on top of it. I had to set everything up + move into a new place + attend my classes + do my homework. That was a lot and I felt pretty overwhelmed.

What was actually easier, was the fact that I just took myself and a couple of suitcases and moved my entire life to a different country. You would expect trumpets playing, confetti, maybe even the sky falling. But there was none of that. I moved and kept going and life kept going, though the scenery has changed immensely. Edinburgh, Scotland, is a real place, and I live there now. That’s such a crazy thought.


Till next time,



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