Israeli Gypsies

Israelis tend to say that Tel-Aviv is a bubble, it’s like its own country, and that Tel-Avivian never leave the city. This is true to some extend, Tel-Aviv is definitely the most vibrant city in Israel, with the greatest selection of hangout venues, but there are still reasons to leave the city.

As Tel-Aviv is Israel’s cultural center – the place of arts, liberal values, young people, beaches and freedom, you would think that it would be a bohemian haven. However, though obviously not true for all of its neighborhoods, Tel-Aviv is slightly too Bourgeois for that. Interestingly enough, in Israel’s Haifa district (north to Tel-Aviv) lies Pardes Hannah-Karkur – a smaller scale town, which is the place to go if you are into herbs, art, vegan food and witchy boho vibes. More specifically, you should visit the artists’ colony (@urvotamanim). This shopping and hangout center was built where the stables of the old high school for agriculture of the town used to be. After the school closed, the place stayed closed for a few years, and after a long dispute, it was repurposed. Though it is no longer used as tables, this center pretty much kept its original layout, which contributes to its special atmosphere.

אורוות האומנים


So what will you find in the artists colony? First of all a variety of stores, some of which sell clothes, some sell different forms of crafts (such as macrame), potions, lotions and cosmetics based on superfoods. The shops are open from Wednesday to Friday. On Fridays you will also find an organic market there, where you will be able to buy vegetables and fruits, breads, spices and much more.

At the heart of the stables you will find a vegetarian-vegan friendly coffee shop called Hatzvi (which literally means the deer). This beautiful space has both indoor and outdoor seating. The entire decor is eclectic vintage meets urban jungle. It has super casual homey vibes, and is kids and pet friendly. Visually speaking, this place is so pleasing! But it’s not only the styling aspect that is pleasing, the food is too – with homemade dishes and baked goods, both savory and sweet, fresh salads, sandwiches and smoothies, this places is truly amazing. But Hatzvi isn’t only a coffee shop, it offer all sort of activities for kids, as well as live music concert on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Opening hours are Sunday-Tuesday – 8:30am-6pm, Wednesday-Thursday – 8:30am-9pm, Fridays – 8:30am-3:00pm.


Two other spaces in the stables worth mentioning are the Unicorn Club, which is a place for both spiritual growth, offering daily yoga classes, rebirthing workshops, and a cultural venue, with story telling for kids, poetry slam and comedy shows for adults, as well as live music shows. And Arba Imahot (four mothers), which is a place for workshop and treatments, both psychological, and support for women during and after pregnancy.

To sum it up, the artists’ colony is a place for anyone – it’s a place for delicious and healthy food, for arts and crafts, for shopping, for practicing yoga, for spiritual growth, for live music and other forms of performing art, and for physical as well as psychological treatments. It’s suitable for kids and for a younger as well as an older crowd.




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