The “vineyard”

One of Tel-Aviv’s biggest and most famous markets is the “Carmel” market. The Carmel market offers food, clothes, housewares, souvenirs and more. It’s a colorful, fun place to visit while in Tel-Aviv. The Carmel market is located pretty much in the city center, in a neighborhood call Kerem Ha-Teimanim, which literally translates into “The Yemenite Vineyard”. This neighborhood used to be populated mostly by Jewish people of Yemenite descendant, and was a relatively poor area. Its proximity to the market made it a noisy and dirty area, which people were reluctant to live in. In recent years, however, a young crowd has discovered the area and has revived it. Numerous bars and restaurants have opened in the neighborhood, and nowadays it has become one of the coolest trendiest places for a hangout. Today I am going to recommend my two favorite coffee shops in the “Kerem”.

Yom Tov Cafe

Yom Tov (meaning good day) Cafe is a jewel located at the outskirts of the market, still very close to the bustle. The outside of the cafe is colorful with some street art on the walls, and it offers a lot of seating options. The inside has two levels with two different bars. You will find most tables on the upper level. This floor has an industrial kinda rough look, as well as eclectic wooden chairs and tables, some cozier nooks and a library. On the lower floor, you can only sit at the bar, and you will be able to peek into the backyard and the street. Here you can order a coffee to go, if you would like to.

Yom Tov is a great place for breakfasts, fresh salads and sandwiches, as well as for coffee and a pastry (try their vegan granola cookie!). After 8pm, the cafe transforms into a bar, and that will be a perfect time to get alcoholic drinks and snacks. The place is fun and vibrant, the staff is helpful and friendly and everything has a very laid back feeling to it.

Go visit Yom Tov Cafe from Sunday to Thursday between 8am-1am, on Fridays from 8am-6pm and on Saturdays from 6:30pm-1am.




In a city that was named one of the top 10 hipster cities in the world, Papua might very well be the most hipster cafe of them all. Papua is located a little further away from the market, in the pretty quiet Ge’ula street. The entire place is basically a small wooden shack with a wooden deck which has quite a few tables and chairs, where you can seat. The decor makes you feel as if you are in a kiosk on a beach (which is actually quite close), and as if the place isn’t really there permanently. Papua is one of the places with the best vibes in Tel-Aviv, the staff is really welcoming (order over the counter and someone will bring your coffee/food to your table), and you will feel right at home. It is a very laptop friendly cafe as well, as there is good Wi-Fi and you can sit and work peacefully. The crowd is young and fun, the coffee is good, and so are their snacks. I especially love their pistachio-chocolate vegan muffin!

Go chill in Papua from Sunday to Thursday betweem 7am-11pm, or on Fridays from 7am-7pm (it’s closed on Saturday).



Good vibes only 😉

~ Lir

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