Work hard, play hard

It’s pretty funny that the two main topics in this blog are food (often times sweets) and fitness, but this combination is actually very indicative of my lifestyle. As I told you previously, I am a dancer and a dance, Pilates and Aerial yoga teacher. I live a very active life, training approximately 15 hours per week. On the other hand I love coffee, cafes and I’m quite a sweet tooth. I am not a nutritionist, and I don’t claim to be, but in this post I’ll share what works for me and what I believe in.

I have never been on a diet in order to lose weight, fortunately enough, though growing up in front of studio mirrors and being expected to fit a certain type of body, I never had any body issues. Luckily, I have always had a lean figure and was never told to lose weight. Since I am involved in the fitness scene, and since I seem fit, people often ask me what do I do. People either comment about me being really skinny, and assume that it has to do with some sort of a very strict diet (or eating disorder), or they tend to assume it’s natural and that I do nothing in order to stay in shape. The truth, as I see it, is somewhere in between.

Apart from being vegan, I don’t restrict myself when it comes to food. I eat (vegan) ice cream, French fries, bread, etc. However, I’ve never been a person who eats a lot. My mom would never force me to eat – neither at a certain time, nor a certain amount of food. She also never forced to eat any type of food. This actually helped me to grow up very attuned to my natural hunger and satiety mechanisms. Moreover, though I do eat some foods which you will label as unhealthy (especially desserts), at home I tend to cook pretty healthy food, and I also love vegetables, which means a lot of my meals are composed by a lot of them. Generally speaking, I listen to my body and to what it asks at the moment, and I trust it to balance itself.

Another parameter is that I am actually training a lot, and obviously burning quite a lot of calories per day. I don’t do physical activity in order to stay thin, but it’s a by product. I don’t really know what my body would be like had I not been dancing, since I’ve basically been doing it since I was seven years old. I don’t count calories, and I have no idea what is my intake versus what I burn, but I do know that I work hard physically.

When people come and ask me for nutritional tips I tell them that I honestly don’t know. I am the way I am because I got some good genes, I eat relatively healthy, and I train hard. I also tell them I don’t believe in any sort of extreme dieting. You should be eating something that is sustainable for you, that is a lifestyle. I believe that unless you have some sort of health issues, there’s nothing wrong with occasionally eating anything you want. The key is how much and how often you eat it.

These were my thoughts till next time,

~ Lir

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