A Sweet(Box) surprise

As you could probably understand from my previous post, I am back in Tel-Aviv, and will be staying here for the next couple of months. Since I will have another year or so to tell you all about Edinburgh, I decided to take a break from blogging about the UK and to introduce you to a few new places and discoveries I’ve had in Tel-Aviv instead.

The first place I would like to tell you about is Sweet Box. Sweet Box is located in Ha-Khluztim St. 6, right near the Levisnsky market. It is not a coffee shop, but an “American Bakery”. This means that they specialize in doughnuts, cupcakes/muffins and brownies, which are all inspired by the American cuisine.

When walking down Ha-Khaluzim street, Sweet Box is slightly hard to find. This area is not the neatest of Tel-Aviv and has a urban decay vibe to it. The shop itself is located in between workshops and other rough looking businesses (sort of repair shops). However, once you enter the shop, you will find a clean, modern looking bright space, with a display of numerous sweets, including cakes, cookies and all the pastries I’ve mentioned above. The selection is quite impressive, and it’s not easy to choose!

One of the things I like the most about this place is that they have really good vegan options. Of course there aren’t that many options for vegans, but I would say that at any given day there are at least 5, and all of them are such a delightful guilty pleasure! They have a banana maple muffin which is heavenly, and their brownie is super moist and just melts in your mouth!

Sweet Box is a refreshing bakery, which offers a variety of options that are hard to come across in Israel. It’s also quite a diamond in the rough in the Levinsky market area. If you happen to pass by, I would recommend you walk in and give it a try! The only downside to this place that it doesn’t really offer seating options, which means you will have to take your treat with you.

Open from 8am-12am Monday-Thursday and from 8am-4pm on Fridays. Closed on Saturdays.


[Via @http://www.ronikeren.com/projects/sweet-box]

Have a sweet week!



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