The collective Forest

As I shared with you in a previous post, I was surprised to find out how vegan, eco and social friendly Edinburgh is. My first discovery in the city was The Forest Cafe. I arrived to the city in the evening, and by the time I had settled in my AirBnb many cafes have already closed their doors, and yet I had been on the road for about 6 hours, and was looking for something (vegan) to eat (and felt too tired to cook). Truth been told, I had not prepared for this trip like I usually do – I didn’t search for any recommendation and had no bucket list, so I asked google where is the closest vegan friendly place that is still open. The answer was The Forest Cafe.


Once I entered I was amazed at how cool this place was. It was packed, people where talking and laughing, and everyone seemed to be enjoying their selves. The walls had colorful graffiti on them, I could see hanging plants, eclectic vintage furniture, a stage with different instruments, and when I approached the counter I could also see the place sold all sorts of second hand items, such as clothes, books, CDs etc. The menu was all vegan, and I had a falafel, which was yummy and when I came to ask about their desserts, they said there was a pantry near the entrance, where they store baked goods and I could just grab one for free. They only had croissants, which I am not a fan of, so I skipped that option and instead bought an oat-date cake, which was super moist and extremely tasty.


I later found out that this cafe was actually a collective promoting free access to performing arts, and had an exhibition hall downstairs, as well as live shows on the stage inside the cafe itself. The Forest is volunteer based, and is able to self sustain thanks to their successful coffee shop. I loved the agenda, I love the place, both its eclectic decor and its vibrant vibes, and I loved their food. I came back to visit a few times since, and was never disappointed. I also found it quite laptop friendly, especially during the morning/noon.


Visit daily between 10am-11pm, and also check out their events. Note that the place is vegetarian and not 100% vegan.

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