Farm Girl

I remember browsing through my instagram feed and seeing a picture of colorful lattes on a round washed pink table, and I was dying to go there. Unfortunately for me, at the time I was in New York (well, I was living in NYC, so it wasn’t all bad), and it turned out that this adorable looking place, which was the Notting Hill location of “Farm Girl”, was in London. When I finally got to London I invited my bestie to try this super trendy cafe/superfoods/restaurnt with me.

Farm girl is an “Aussie” place in London, trying to fill in the gap between artisan coffee, fresh, organic, locally based health food, and a slightly more sophisticated cuisine. It is known for its amazing brunches, smoothie bowls (and granola) and for its colorful lattes. With three locations in posh neighborhoods in West London (Soho, Chelsea and Notting Hill), Farm Girl managed to establish itself as a haven not only for health food lovers, but also for those seeking to dine with style. Each location has its unique decor and a slightly different vibe, with the most laid back one being the Soho location, and the most high end one being the Notting hill shop. As it is not really a cafe, but more of a high end dinning place, you will get seated and fully served at Farm Girl, and won’t have to order over the counter.

Farm girl offers a choice of savory as well as sweet breakfasts. In the afternoon you will find more options of sandwiches and savory bowls. There are quite a few gluten free and vegan options. The food is fresh and colorful, and of course you can choose to have one of their specialty super lattes – a rose latte, a charcoal latte, a blue matcha latte and many more. There is also an amazing variety of non dairy milk options (which will be an extra 50p), and some small treats to have with your coffee (like their vegan doughnuts). I loved their acai bowl as well as their porridge, and my bestie loved their pancakes. We tried the butterfly matcha (blue matcha) which was cute, as well as a lavender latte. Later on I also discovered their coffee is good.


The decor of each location is quite different, but they are all extremely chic. The Notting Hill location has a small garden outside, which has a vintage rural flare to it, and has cute pink tables. The interior has turquoise walls, and has a more romantic atmosphere, as the lights are slightly dimmed. The Chelsea location is pink and turquoise and it is brighter than the Notting Hill one. There are also a few seating options at the front, if the weather happens to be nice. The Soho location is on the second floor, just above a Sweaty Betty (active wear) shop. It has hanging plants, the walls are white, and the bar is dark turquoise, with communal tables available.

Farm girl chelseaFarm girl soho

[Via @farmgirlcafe]


The downsides to Farm Girl are that it is slightly expensive, and also that at times it gets quite crowded, and you will have to wait to get a table.

Have a great weekend,

~ Lir

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