Urban display

It is no secret that the best place to see street art in London is Shoreditch. For those of you who are less familiar with the city, Shoreditch is a trendy, artsy neighborhood at the east of London. Shoreditch is a pretty industrial area with a raw, hipster vibe to it. Though I am a big fan of the more classical architecture in London, such as the Gregorian, Victorian, Edwardian (etc) buildings, I also love extreme urbanity, and East London has a magnificent display of just that.

I walked around shoreditch a couple of times. As I was carried away by all the lovely sights, it is quite hard for me to track my exact steps, but I will try to give you a general idea of my route. I started at the neighboring Clerckenwell and walked east on Old street (one of Shoreditch’s main streets). I then took a right on High street, and from there I just strolled randomly through smaller streets and mews, letting myself drift off, and just follow the most colorful sites.


I finally ended up at Old Spitalfields Market, and made my way north to Brick Lane market. At the back of the old vintage market, I found a very nice display of street art, with some graffiti, as well as 3D art. I then kept going north on Brick Lane, and took a right after the food halls (at Buxton street). Once on Buxton I kept walking till the Spitalfields city farm, where I took a left. This led to an amazing view of grass as far as the eye could see, along with numerous murals and graffiti.

I kept walking straight till the train tracks, and found the Communal Nomadic Garden, which is one of the most colorful, artsy and relaxing places in the city. This is a must, if you are a fan of nomadic culture or of street art!


All in all, I really recommend visiting this part of the city, following graffiti, enjoying the Brick Lane market (if it happens to be a Sunday), and enjoying the great cafes in the area. More on that next time!


~ Lir


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