Vegan London

Since I feel like I haven’t been to enough Vegan places in London, instead of recommending you the best places as I usually do, I will do it the other way around, which meand I will simply review the vegan places I have been to. Keep in mind that for now I’m only going to comment on 100% vegan places, there are obviously other vegan options in London. I will tell you about these in one of my next posts.

By Chloe

When I lived in NYC, By Chloe used to be one of my favorite places to go to, so I was really happy to learn that London had one too. Located in Covent Garden, this vegan restaurant is a piece of New York in London, IMO (in a good way). The decor and the dishes remained true to the the origin. If you aren’t familiar with By Chloe, it is a rather new and trendy place (by now it has several locations in NYC and beyond), and it does sort of a vegan adaptations on fast food, such as Burgers, Mexican dishes (their quinoa taco salad is my personal favorite), vegan BLT sandwich, and more. You can also get smoothies or bowl dishes, as well as numerous yummy desserts, including cookies, muffins and even vegan ice cream. Overall I really enjoyed this place, both it’s familiarity and the food, which was fresh and yummy. Note that it can get really crowded and that you might have to wait a little while for a table, but other than that By Chloe is a great vegan option.




Redemption actually has not one, but three locations, in two of which I have visited. The nicer of the two (Notting Hill and Covent Garden), is the brand new one (it opened just a week before Christmas), is the Covent Garden (or rather Neal’s Yard) location. This spot is spacious and decorated with vibrant colors (pink and turquoise, with a floral texture). At the front of the shop (which is very pink and bright) they have a display of daily dishes that they offer, if you prefer to take away and not sit in. You will find a variety of salads, grains and quite a few desserts. When you enter the restaurant itself you will find a large bar and quite a few seating options. You can pick one and someone will come to serve you. I had their beet burger which comes with sweet potato fries and a side salad, and it is was delicious. Their Buddha bowl is really good too. The place also serves smoothies and breakfasts, as well as good coffee with a pretty unbelievable number of milk options to choose from. The Noting Hil location is cute too, but it’s smaller, and they do not have the daily dishes there. Other than that, the food is the same, which means it is good too, but somehow I liked the atmosphere (and perhaps decor) less. I haven’t had the chance to try their third location, which is in Shoreditch, but I definitely want to.


Tell your friends 

This adorable place in Fulham is actually much nicer than I imagined (quite hard to tell from the photos what it looks like), and it has a very trendy NYC/LA vibe to it. The decor was made to be featured on instagram, fostering a big marble bar at the center of the space, cute tiles on both the floors and on a few of their tables (and some wooden tables), hanging plants, nooks and shelves filled with merchandise and then some more plants and pink neon lights. The place was quite full when we came in for dinner, but we could still get a seat right away. Their menu is pretty intriguing, and if I had to define the types of food they serve I would have to go with “fusion”, since they have different dishes and tastes from different cuisines (perhaps with a slight Asian tendency). I took a sweet potato curry, which is obviously an Indian styled dish. It was good although a bit too hot for me (and I’m quite immune to spicy foods). My friend who was having their soup of the day (which happened to be cauliflower) complained hers was too hot as well. For dessert we shared a (coconut) cheesecake with berries, which was yummy! Overall the experience was nice, staff was friendly and helpful, and I would like to come back and try some other plates that looked good, like their Tamari Miso smoked mushroom, for instance, which quite a few people where having, and seemed delicious.





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