London Battersea’s top picks

Hey’a, turns out I’m in London, and since London has so many cafes to offer, and so many people blogging about it anyway, I thought I might start with giving you a glimpse into a little less touristic neighborhood – Battersea. Battersea  is a rather large neighborhood, located at the south bank of the Thames, and slightly to the west (near Clapham Junction). Battersea is a rather residential neighborhood, but it’s still super cute and is home to a couple of cafes I would definitely recommend.

Story Coffee & Story Works:

These two sisters coffee shops are probably the cutest cafes I have seen in London thus far. Each of these coffee shops has its own specialty.

Story Coffee is the slightly bigger place, located on a cute street corner with a dark turquoise exterior. This place serves some great breakfasts and pastries. Though known for their good coffee, I have to admit that it was slightly too acidic for me (but it might as well be the almond milk) The space is well lighted and bright (and that’s not easy to find in London during the winter!) and the decor is Scandinavian style – it has modern clean lines to it, with a touch of turquoise and wood. You will have to order at the bar (made of wooden logs) and will then choose a seat (at either a table or at the bars that run along the windows), and your food and coffee will be delivered to you. Story Coffee is very dog friendly too, and is perfect for freelancers, as it has good Wi-Fi and is rather quiet. Try their carrot cake if you are a fan, I loved it! They also serve yummy granola cookies, as well as great toasts (and vegan options). Their artisan coffee is available with oat, almond and coconut milk. 41016719_2637852109773879_5950614439135805440_n [Via @storycoffeeldn]

If you are looking for a healthy choice, and are up for a smoothie or some pressed juice, Story Works would be the place for you. This place is more intimate (with less seating options), yet very cozy. The interiors are slightly darker than at Story Coffee (dark wood and turquoise), but again very slick. There are some hanging plants too, which go great with the concept, and which contribute to the homey atmosphere.

Both locations are on the same street, just a couple of blocks apart.

Social Pantry Cafe

I stumbled upon this cafe by accident, I was actually taking a bus down the road in which it is located and something about it’s name (and cakes at the window) caught my eye. On my way back home I decided I had to go in and have a cup of coffee, and I am glad I did. This place has been voted by Time Out the best Cafe in Battersea (for 2016), and I totally understand why. The decor is simple yet cute, with a white brick wall behind the counter and a dark brick wall at the other side. At the back of the store you will find some eclectic tiles, pink walls and hanging plants. The entire atmosphere is easy going and warm. In the food department there is a choice of pastries and other daily dishes, such as salads and sandwiches. The place also offers bowls and breakfasts. The coffee was good and so was the cranberry white chocolate muffin I had. The place is quite big and accommodates quite a few tables, and it is also very laptop friendly with spacious tables and a free good Wi-Fi connection. The staff was friendly and I felt like I was welcome to stay for as long as I pleased.

social pantry

[Via @Social Pantry Club]


Located at Battersea square, this place might look from the outside like your typical English bar (and it is indeed a restaurant more than a coffee shop), but once you step inside you will see that it is more than that. Queenswood has some cool, much trendier touches to it, such as marble tables, “exposed” industrial looking walls, as well as vegan friendly options on the menu. Although it only opens at 11am during weekdays (and at 9am on the weekend), they serve amazing breakfast (or perhaps brunch) options. Try their avo toast or a delicious pancake! All ingredients are super fresh, and this place is not afraid to play around with a variety of interesting spices and flavors even in the simple dishes. And hey, the coffee is really good too!

And of course since it is a restaurant, afternoon you will be able to find some more food options (though I haven’t tried any), if you happen to be around. Unlike in the cafes I’ve recommended above, here you will get seated and will be fully served. Staff is very friendly and welcoming, and if you happen to be alone you might want to sit at the bar, from which you will have a nice view. Open daily till 11pm, however, note that they are closed on Mondays.


[Via @queenswoodldn]

More on London to come!

~ Lir

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