Pilates, Yoga and Aerial yoga in Tel-Aviv

So apart from being a coffee lover, a veganism advocate and a traveler, I am also a dancer, a dance teacher and a Pilates and aerial yoga instructor. My weekly routine consists of 10-15 classes, some of which are dance (both classical ballet and contemporary) and some of which are supplementary activities, like Pilates, stretch classes, yoga, and aerial yoga (to be explained later). So if you are looking for a little more active vacation, here is where I like to go to take classes.

Studio Naim:

Studio Naim (which literally means “nice” or “comfortable” in Hebrew) has become quite an enterprise. It is a chain of dance, yoga and Pilates studios with quite a few locations in Tel-Aviv, the main one lies in Florentine neighborhood. Dance classes are centered in the 39 Shalma Rd. location, but you can take yoga, Pilates and other fitness classes in all the other locations. Out of all locations, my favorite one is the Jaffa one, which is located in an authentic arched building, and has a super cute, slightly urban decay decor to it. This location offers mainly yoga classes, and quite a lot of them too. Another advantage to this place is that its nestled in the heart of the flea market, and you can always stroll around and absorb its atmosphere if you have some free time before or after class. My second favorite location is the 46 Shalma Rd. location. This location is slightly hard to find, as Shalma road isn’t the nicest of streets, and seems a little like an industrial area with abandoned warehouses, but you will be able to orient yourself by looking for the turquoise door and the cat’s sign. Once you have entered the building you will see some very nice graffiti on the walls and the cutest pastel reception area, filled with greenery and some other cozy touches. The main studio is a large and beautiful one, but even if you don’t get to take class there, the entire place has a laid back atmosphere to it. This location also has a gym.

When it comes to choosing a class, I have to admit that I have yet to find a yoga class I can stick with. I pretty much go to whatever works out with my schedule. Check the studio’s timetable and see which style of yoga you prefer, which level you think is suitable for you (levels are marked with A,B & C, while A is the beginners and BC is advanced. ABC stands for open level) and when is a convenient time for you.  When it comes to Pilates, I would recommend Yarden Raz‘s class – Yarden teaches quite a lot in different locations and at various times (she also gives barre and stretch classes). Her classes are rather hard and dynamic, but they are definitely the best IMO.

Naim on Maze:

Though related to studio Naim, Naim on Maze works semi independently, which means that if you get a membership (or a card) it won’t apply to this studio. Located on Maze street, right off Rothschild boulevard, this cozy and intimate studio is one of nicest ones. Classes are limited to a certain amount of participants (as it is not very big), but the atmosphere is extremely friendly. It is slightly hard to spot from the outside, as you will need to walk down the stairs and take a left, and then you will see the studio with its white brick wall. This studio would be my top pick for aerial yoga classes. If you have never heard of aerial yoga, this is a sort of an adaption (friendlier) to circus silks. Bare in mind that it is after all an aerial sport, but it is probably the “softest” of them all, and is suitable for pretty much everyone. If you want to give it a try, go to Galia Raphael’s classes at either Thursday morning (8am) or Saturday at noon.


Beit Hanna:

Located on Ben Gurion boulevard, at the heart of Tel-Aviv, Beit Hanna or Hanna’s house is a rather new and trendy spot in the city. The facilities are cutting edge and very pretty, and some of the most popular teachers in town teach there. There is a nice variety of classes throughout the day – you can go take a yoga, Pilates, barre or TRX class. Quite a few of teachers who are teaching there also teach at Naim. And of course after you have worked out, you should go visit EATS Cafeteria for some coffee and/or food, which is located at the same complex, and which I have written about in a previous post.

Studio Bazel:

This chic little studio opened its doors a couple of years back. It is located in the old north of Tel-Aviv in the posh Bazel area. The studio mainly addresses new moms and toddlers, but there are also some fitness classes which are suitable for everyone. This place has made it to my list mainly because it has some more aerial yoga classes, and actually the most experienced (and amazing) aerial yoga teacher in Israel, Rinat Ro teaches there. You can catch an open level class with her on Mondays at 7pm, or Fridays (every other week) at 11:30am, or if you aren’t new to aerial yoga, you can take her 7pm class on Wednesday, which is an advanced class.

Studio B:

Previously located on Ibn Gabirol street, this establishment was the first and greatest dance studio in Tel-Aviv. They have recently changed their location to Ramat Aviv – one of the more suburbial areas of the city – right by Tel-Aviv university. This intimate location has an industrial modern decor and super homey vibes to it. If you really want to get a go workout, take Ruthie Forberg’s stretch classes on either Sunday at 9:30am, or Tuesday at 11am, or 6pm. She is an experienced, highly valued fitness and dance master, and her classes are definitely worth a try!

To New Year’s resolutions!

Happy new year,

~ Lir


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