Tel-Aviv’s sweetest (vegan)

Since I have a soft spot for sweets, and at 31 still prefer dessert to real food, and since people believe that all vegans eat is tofu and vegetables, I decided to share with you a list of my top sweet picks in the city.

Before I start, a disclaimer is needed – I am pretty picky when it comes to desserts, I prefer drier things, like pound cakes and muffins, and I’m not a big fan of creams (perhaps I had too many bad encounters with the dairy version before I realized I was lactose intolerant and gave it up, and though I know it won’t happen when eating vegan desserts, the old aversion is pretty stubborn).

Alegria‘s berries vegan cheesecake – This cake, or better if I say tart, is the best vegan cheesecake I have ever had. What makes it so good, is its amazing balance of both textures and taste. On the outside it has a nice crust to it (that remains crusty and doesn’t become soggy), yet the cheese itself, made of coconut milk, is super soft and creamy. It is also not too sweet, and actually has a citric flare to it. Eating Alegria’s cheese cake feels light and nice, which will leave you wanting more.

אלגריה עוגת גבינה

[Via @alegriatlv]

Anastasia‘s Tiramisu – I kindda hate when people say that, but I will use this description myself this time and claim that this vegan dessert is so good, you won’t be able to tell it is vegan. Unlike the classic tiramisu, Anastasia’s vegan version is made of a layer of almond-date cake, a layer of chocolate-coffee mousse and a topping of coconut mousse.  This dessert is on the sweeter side, its texture is soft and it melts in your mouth, which makes it one of the best vegan desserts I have ever tasted.

אנסטסיה טירמיסו

[Via @cafeanstasia]

Urban Shaman‘s pancakes – this is no doubt the most photogenic dessert on my list, and since we also eat with our eyes, I thought this eye candy should definitely make my cut. Made of buckwheat and quinoa flour with a light blue syrup on top (which consists of almond-maple and spirulina), this pile of pancakes is just heavenly. Note that it is not only vegan, but also gluten and sugar free, which makes it both delicious and healthy!

urban shaman pancake

[Via @UrbanShamanTLV]

Landwer’s Rozalach – surprisingly enough, Landwer, which is one of the Israeli coffee chains, serve a super special super yummy dessert – the Rozalach. This is basically dough rolled and baked till crispy, filled with either nutella or lotus spread (I prefer the latter). This is not a plate for one person, as you will get a ridiculous number of these delightful pastries. The Rozalach are smooth and basically melt in your mouth, and can be found in all of Landwer’s locations, and there are many of them!


[Via @cafelandwer]

Siciliana‘s soy ice cream – I remember always feeling slightly deprived when my friends used to get ice cream and I had to go with a sorbet. I mean, not that they don’t make some good sorbets (my favorite is dark chocolate), but you just can’t compare the texture. So when I first came across soy milk ice cream in Siciliana on Ibn Gabirol street, I was basically jumping for joy. This was probably like 10 years back, when veganism wasn’t that popular in Tel-Aviv, and that obviously made my discovery even more exciting. To this day I find Siciliana the best ice cream in Tel-Aviv. They have a few locations, and the flavors somewhat vary (also within each location). If they have hazelnut, I would recommend you try it, but all flavors are good, since its the texture that landed this sweet treat on my list.

Shmanmonet‘s carrot cake – Generally speaking, I love carrot cakes, they are probably my favorite cake in the world. This also makes me a little picky when it comes to carrot cakes, but Shamnmonet’s carrot cake manages to embody pretty much everything I like about them. It is moist, yet not too wet, and is also fluffy and airy textured. It is not too sweet, yet sweet enough and it has dark chocolate cheap in it. For me this is the perfect cake to eat along side a good coffee (unfortunately they only have soy milk as for non dairy milk options). Note that Shmanmonet does not always serve the same pastries and baked goods, which means they might not have it when you visit the place. If that is the case, you might want to try their chocolate cheap cookie, which is chewy and moist and really good too.

Edmund‘s earl grey cake – Unlike carrot cakes, which you can find right about everywhere, this cake is more unique. This is a sweet and sour kind of cake, with a balance of deeper flavors and citric flares. It is also topped with a thin glaze of sugar, which adds some sweetness to it. Not only the tastes are balanced, but the texture as well, which makes a soft yet not too soggy of a cake. This is definitely one of the best sponge cakes I have had, vegan and otherwise. Here you can enjoy a generous slice with an almond milk cappuccino. Note that like with Shmanmonet’s carrot cake, Edmund’s cakes change daily, which means they might not have it. If they don’t, you can always try their other vegan sponge cakes, which are good too, like their orange chocolate cake.

Tony and Esther‘s chocolate cheap cookie – Since I was a kid I had a soft spot for chocolate cheap cookies. An obsession, almost. I prefer mine rather chewy and moist, and Tony and Esther’s cookie is just that! Their cookie is super soft and has large chunks of dark chocolate in it. It’s actually much better than their non-vegan version of chocolate cheap cookies, and you can tell just by the looks of it. So if you are into chocolate cheap cookies, like I am, this is probably the best one in Israel. And though it’s quite generous in size, you will want more after having it (preferably with their lovely almond milk cappuccino to go with).


Have a sweet weekend!

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