Hip Hip(ster), Hooray!

Tel Aviv is known as a hipster haven, and for a good reason. This laid back yet slightly neurotic city is the perfect greenhouse for hipsters. Since they are so easy to find here, and since I like hipster places better than mainstream ones, I’ve already told you about quite a few places which are home to the local hipster crowd, but there are a few more good ones, so I decided to dedicate a special post for the places I’ve missed.


Rega opened its doors a couple of years ago, replacing the iconic establishment “Cafe Tamar” that used to be there before. That meant that Rega had a quite a lot to prove. Cafe Tamar was an old and famous institution, and for many years served as a home to all sorts of left wing Israeli socialites. A few years back the place was closed, and Rega was what opened instead of it. As part of the place’s rich history, Rega has kept some of Cafe Tamar’s decor and spirits. There are live shows and other events (literature evening and more), so that the place is still closely connected to artistic bohemian circles. The place itself has a vintage-retro with rough edges decor to it, with dark timber on the walls, records hanging from the ceiling as well as piano keyboards. The indoor space is large and offers quite a few seating options, including a communal table and a few couches located in the rear of the shop, which have a leaving room feel to them. There are also quite a few spots outside, on the chic Sheinkin street. One of the best parts about Rega (besides their tasty coffee), is the fact that all of their desserts are vegan, and they have tons of options, from matcha mini muffins, to brownies with lotus spread crumble to creamy fruit cakes (the cream is mad of coconut milk, of course). If you want to get a little throw back to the early days of Tel-Aviv, you should definitely go visit this adorable cozy place.

Open from Sunday to Thursday 8am-11pm, Fridays from 8am-5pm and Saturdays from 9am-11pm.


Coffee Shop 51

This Coffee shop opened its doors a couple of years ago on Ahad Ha’am street (51, in case you were wondering ;)), quite close to Rothschild boulevard. The owner got his training at Cafelix, which I have recently told you about, and decided to open a new boutique coffee shop with quality blends and in shop roasting. Unlike many hipster places, this one has a rather rural as opposed to urban feel to it, and it flirts with a retro kibbutz-like style. With a big garden out front, and an all wooden decor indoors, that offers some more seating options, this place feels like you were invited to sit in someones backyard or back porch. Like in Cafelix, here you will also need to order over the counter, and once you do so, you will get a little plastic figure which will help the waiters bring your order to the right table. The coffee is great, and you accompany it with a sweet or savory snack – the place offers pastries, cookies and sandwiches (including vegan options). Coffee shop 51 is perfect for laptops, work meeting as well as social meeting. The service is kind and helpful, and the crowd is friendly. At times it gets slightly busy and you might have to wait for a few minutes for a table, but it’s not that bad.

Open from Sunday to Thursday from 7am-10pm, Friday from 7am-4pm and Saturday from 9am-10pm.

20180729_163731 (1)


Cafe Sheleg

This hipster establishment is located at the outskirts of Kerem Hateimanim and the Carmel Market, on the crossroads of Allenby and Geula streets (Pretty close to the beach as well). Cafe Sheleg is known for its epic breakfasts (some vegan options too, like their tofu omelette), but it also serves good salads, tasty carrot cake and good coffee. The dishes are rather simple, but the food is fresh and is well seasoned, the atmosphere is laid back and friendly, and there are quite a few seating options, both indoors and outdoors. The decor is vintage bohemian with unique tiles and oriental chic lanterns. Go visit this place if you want to absorb the local hipster scene and enjoy it’s cousin as well.

Open from Sunday to Thursday from 7:30am-11:30pm, Fridays from 7:30am-6pm and closed on Saturdays.

@sheleg1-1024x768[via @smart-travelling.net]

Cafe Shapira

Out of all the places in Tel-Aviv, shis is probably the most “hardcore” hipster place. Located in Shapira neighborhood, this was the first coffee to open there. It is gypsy-nomadic in nature, operating from a sort of a caravan with the seating on a wooden deck, as well as benches and eclectic furniture scattered around the deck, which all have an improvised vibe to it. Cafe Shapira is more than just a coffee shop, it has a communal neighborly agenda, and also fosters all sort of events – music concerts, events for kids, political happenings and then some more. This super cool place serves great coffee, fresh food, with tasty breakfasts and salads. It is pretty much in an open space, making is super friendly for kids and pets, and for outdoor lovers. While sitting in Cafe Shapira you will probably forget that you are in Tel-Aviv, which in this case, is not at all a bad thing.

Open Sunday to Thursday from 8am-12am, Fridays from 8am-7pm and closed on Sturdays.

shapira11[Via @theculturetrip.com]


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