Vegan in Tel Aviv (take 2)

In one of my previous posts I have already recommended you a few vegan places in Tel-Aviv, but as Tel Aviv has so many of them, and so many good ones (!), I decided there are a few more places that deserve to be featured in my blog.

Unlike my previous post about vegan places in Tel Aviv, which suggested some of the fancier vegan restaurants in the city, this post is all about homey and casual vibes.


Located on Ibn Gabirol street, at the old north of Tel-Aviv, this vegan restaurant has a homey and neighborly vibe to it, yet it is in no way banal when it comes to its food. The dishes offered vary from Asian food to traditional South African Jewish food and some interesting interpretations for classic non-vegan dishes. With a lovely breakfast (served all day) egg croissant, a tasty Caesar salad, great polenta and a Jerusalem (Alegria) mixed grill, this place has something for everyone. The highlight, however is their extremely tasty desserts, and the berry cheesecake is the icing on top. The place itself has quite a few seats on the sidewalk. The decor is pretty simple (dominated with red, plants and wooden tables), yet it has a warm and inviting feeling to it, and the staff is nice.

Open from Sunday to Thursday from 8PM-10:30PM, Friday from 8PM-4:30, closed on Saturday.alegria2[Via]


Zakaim, located at a small alley on the corner of the bustling Allenby street, has a casual yet warm feel to it. There is a big indoor space, as well as a nice back yard. Though it is considered to be a “boutique” restaurant, there is no need to dress up when you go there, since the ambiance is super laid back. The products are fresh, colorful and tasty, the portions are pretty generous and the variety of plates is exciting. Many dishes are vegan takes on classic Israeli cuisine with an oriental touch, however not all of them. All salads offering “ricotta” cheese are wonderful (I especially love their Fatush salad), and so are their BBQ plates. As their influences are by the “silk road” countries, many spices are used, and some plates can be slightly hot. Other than that the service is friendly and helpful, and the entire place always makes me feel at ease.

Go visit them from Sunday to Thursday between 12PM-11PM, or on Saturday between 6:30PM-11PM.

zakaim[Via @ZakaimOrginal]

Caffe Kaymak

This vegan restaurant is located near the Levinsky market, and can easily be missed from the outside, as it is kind of hard to tell what it is when you walk by it. Like most places in the area, Caffe Kaymak is a easy going, laid back and cool place, with a hipster slightly rugged vibe to it. Kaymak has a relatively small indoors space, with not too many seats, but alongside with the eclectic decor, it actually contributes to the homey feeling of the place. The cafe/restaurant offers all sorts of stews, most of which are some sort of ethnic Jewish stews. Plates can be very hot, so if you are told that something is spicy, make sure you are up for it. They offer a regular menu, but there are also daily specials which appear on a large blackboard (and which you can also hear about from your waiter, if you happen to not read Hebrew ;)), so that the dishes vary. If you wish to get a cozy vegan experience, Caffe Kaymak is definitely the place for you!

Open from Sunday to Thursday 11AM-11PM, Fridays from 9AM-4PM, and closed on Saturdays.

kaymak[Via @CaffeKaymak]

Go vegan in Tel-Aviv!

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