Cafelix – Third wave coffee

Cafelix is a small and homey chain, which pretty much introduced Tel-Aviv to the third wave of coffee. Coffee in Israel was always a part of the culture, it was strong and on the bitter side, probably taking after the local Arab and Turkish cultures. However, Israel, and Tel-Aviv in particular, has also become a place with quite fancy, more European style coffee and coffee shops. Till recently you couldn’t really find freshly roasted coffee and beans of high quality, but in 2011 Cafelix brought us exactly that. They have three different locations in three areas of the city, all of which have a slightly rugged hipster vibe to them.

Jaffa branch (roastery):

As I mentioned earlier, Cafelix serve freshly roasted Artisan coffee, which implies they are not only a cafe, but a roastery too. Their roastery lays in Jaffa, and although it is their headquarters, it is probably their smallest store. However, it is a charming, cool and friendly place, and there are some more improvised seating outside. If you are lucky, you can find a nook or a table indoors, but you can also sit on a bench on the sidewalk or at the neighboring square and sip a cup of coffee, while you socialize or work. The interiors of the Jaffa location are the most industrial looking, which goes well with the fact that you can actually see the roastery in the back from the front store. Here you can also buy some of their blends to take home. If you order coffee and take it there, you can choose between a hot beverage and a cold drip. Cafelix also offers nice snacks to go alongside their coffee. The best options IMO are the pistachio cake or the date ball with Halva filling (which is unique and amazing).

16251830_880431818727204_840782519359431184_o[Via @cafelix]

Levinsky Market branch:

Their second location is near the Levinsky Market, in the south of Tel-Aviv. Though the area in general is quite bustling, not to say noisy and quite crowded, Cafelif is located on a corner of a quiet alley, so that you can enjoy a peaceful experience while sitting there. This is my personal favorite location. The interiors have cool modern tiles, brick walls with a bicycle hanging on them. There is a big counter, where you can order your choice of drink and food (you need to order over the counter in all the locations), and the outside is decorating with beautiful hanging plants, that give the place a magical touch. I found this location the chicest of them all. You might also want to try their vegan muffins (carrot or apple).

23130860_1094714590632258_7615224244371319642_n [Via @cafelix]

Tel Aviv branch:

The third location is in the center of Tel-Aviv, near Dizengoff Center. This place offers a cool setup, as it occupies the front yard of the building as well as its entrance, which function as their outdoor seating, and since Tel-Aviv is sunny more often than not, it’s really nice to sit outside. There are also more seating options inside, but the garden gives the place its super laid back atmosphere. This is yet another perfect spot from which you can work on your laptop or meet friends.

16836583_902149283222124_5310241139342730631_o[Via @Cafelix]

The only downside for me is that I find their coffee slightly acidic. Also, note that all three location are closed on Saturdays.

Go get some fancy coffee!

~ Lir

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