The concept of flower shops that are also cafes is no longer a new one, however it’s still a trendy one. Israel, if I haven’t mentioned it before, can be a little slow when it comes to picking up on trends, but once it does, it usually rocks when it comes to their execution, as everything has a slight Israeli twist to it 😉

And as you probably understood from my introduction, Tel Aviv has finally caught up with the floral trend. Makers, or @tlvmakers on instagram is the new place in town. This colorful flower shop lays in the crossroads of Allenby and Maze street (Maze 4, to be exact). The interior is decorated with an urban decay industrial chic that meets eclectic vintage furniture, and is obviously surrounded by greenery as well as flowers. It is a quite a beautiful space! The place has a cozy yet bustling vibe, it is laptop friendly (except for Fridays, when there is no WiFi), and generally speaking friendly and welcoming. Makers serve good coffee, some sweet options as well as sandwiches, and of course you can also walk out as the proud owners of a new plant.

Open from Sunday to Thursday 8am-7pm, and on Friday 8am-4pm.


Go check it out 🙂

~ Lir

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