Coffee and Books

I’ve told you before about my passion for books, and that I find the combinations of coffee shops and book stores is kinda perfect, so after introducing you to the New York option, lets talk about what Tel-Aviv has to offer.

The Little Prince

The Little Prince (or Hanasich Hakatan, in Hebrew) is located on King George street, close to the Carmel Market and Allenby st. This place has a unique charm – when you walk in you will find many book shelves surrounding the place (many English options, as well as some French, Spanish and other books), high wooden tables in the center and cute and cozy nooks. The decor is homey, welcoming and eclectic. If you prefer, there is also a lovely back yard, where you can sit and grab a cup of coffee, a snack and some food. This place is a great place to shop for books, or just browse, work from, as well as meet with your friends. It also hosts different events, mostly related to the literature and poetry. Open from Sunday to Thursday from 9am to 12am, Friday till 6pm, and opens on Saturday at 8pm.

little prince [via @the garden based graduate]


Bookworm (or Tola’at Sfarim, in Hebrew) is a book store / cafe actually with two location – the first one lays near the city hall on Rabin Square, and is the first location to open. By now it is quite an establishment, where you can almost always spot a fine arts or humanities professors, as well as authors and other Israeli artists. This place offers a variety of drinks and food (both snacks and actual meals, and is very vegan friendly), and is great for laptops. The only downside to this location is that it’s usually quite packed, and the inside is a little small and crowded. Moreover, it is closed on Saturdays. The second location on Maze street, which I personally prefer, is newer, spacious and has a beautiful industrial yet homey chic. It also has a big backyard, which is a quiet haven within the city, with a nice ambiance and a lovely view of the this historical (restored) area of Tel-Aviv. The menu isn’t the same in both location, but the food in Maze is great and vegan friendly as well. Like The Little Prince, this place also hosts all sorts of reading related event, and offers English books too.

תולעת ספרים

תולעת ספרים מאזה

Via [@tolaatsf]

Go read some books 😉

¬ Lir

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