Cozy and cool

A couple of days ago I celebrated my 31st birthday, and decided to go to a place called Joz ve Loz.  This super cozy restaurant is located on the border of Tel-Aviv and Jaffa, it has a homey atmosphere and a very homey eclectic vintage boho decor. This place recently started running with a new pretty controversial (but IMO cool) concept, which I decided to tell you guys about.

Joz ve Loz was known for their great seasonal kitchen with fresh products. It was also a pretty fancy restaurant – the prices weren’t very cheap, and the plates were perfect for sharing, as most dishes are medium size and a little small for only one person. In the past few months, Joz ve Loz decided to experiment a little, and now they run a service without a menu and without a check. This means that when you arrive at the restaurant the waiters ask you if you have any food preferences or if there is anything you don’t eat (in my case I said I was vegan), they tell you which of the dishes that are being served today can work for you, and ask how many appetizers would you like to get. When I was there I got to taste two great starters – a warm mixture of greens (string beans, asparagus, okra), and a plate of baked garlic and tahini. Their only vegan main dish is a freekeh plate, so I had that too, and it was delicious.

The service was courteous and quick, and we felt very at ease sitting there. After having 3 starters + bread, 2 main dishes, 2 glasses of wine and a dessert, we decided to pay 400 NIS (about 110$).


Some people who have visited this place since it started running on a menu and check free basis, told me they found it quite awkward, but I actually like it. I think it makes the place more affordable now, and is in line with a more collective – community based ideology, which I personally believe in.

So go check it out and decide for yourself 😉

~ Lir


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